Harley Benton British Truetone
Harley Benton British Truetone

British Truetone, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Harley Benton.

SlapKid 10/15/2013

Harley Benton British Truetone : SlapKid's user review

«  Phenomenal! »

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In fact I bought 4 of the series as they are released (119roros total ...), with the idea of ​​making four separate preamps via switcher.
First point capital, no simulation hp board (you know, the one that makes everything unusable on SansAmp amp).
Then powerful equalizer, easy power and visibility settings.
Volume available.
All this applies to all four of the series.
True bypass, no sofa beds in conventional use.


It's very simple to use, and really effective. Moreover, a lot of little nuances available squaring the circle quelquesorte.

Frequencies are very well chosen, the voice button is imperial in that it goes from plexi jcm 900 or more is amazing efficiency.

In conjunction with the drive if both are 15hr or more it brings back a lot of background noise, so we will rather stay in the amp and distortion pedal not register, so I speak.


Tain sound ..!
This is alchemy marshall in all its glory, it is very fine-grained-sensitive villain a treat ab-so-lu buddies!
Plus you have total control of equalization, it really happens something when the button is rotated.
For the price you will not get better on.

The Twinhead artec yet very correct not only racing there and I SansAmp (triac Triod, GT2) are the picks because of their simulation hp forced there as well but that is classic it is sorely lacking in EQ.
So the British truetone is a real gem, and still in use!


The series of four is by far the most exciting and the most desirable-essential.
I failed to mention that the clean sounds are also possible with with the dry side dish and the unsaturated English brand. Once you mess the sound is imperial.

You can purist with it and head to class as MOOER, and it sounds like hell (hey, 230 roros all!) Without breaking the ears.

Short as buy one or two while they are in the catalog, verdict: absolutely recommendable!