Harley Benton British Truetone
Harley Benton British Truetone

British Truetone, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Harley Benton.

jofal62 05/07/2011

Harley Benton British Truetone : jofal62's user review

«  A wall of marshall in your apartment! »

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It is clear, this pedal is used to emulate a Marshall Plexi therefore useless to try something else, Harley Benton fate of other models to imitate other types of sounds.
The technology must be analog?! The conventional connector jack / jack.


So I've been looking for years Marshall Plexi sound (I play mostly AC / DC, I finally found the pedal to replace ALL the equipment I had and I fired! (Multi-effects) or ( disto marshall boss sd1 + compressor + equalizer + reverb) I have only this pedal in my blackheart killer ant the rest: OUT!
nomal: 3 knobs for the EQ very readable (at her)
1 level, 1 drive 1 voice
in 1 minute I was playing "Shoot To Thrill" with the feedback that goes on the intro, the "roar of marshall in short foot!

manual: a useless sheet in English.

SUMMARY: can not get easier and easier.


100% realistic effects in a small ant killer Blackaert volume up with a Gibson SG (it helps)
volume very low on the pedal, play in a room with any reasonable voulme the desired dynamics = the dream of players apartment.


I tried this stuff before distos marshall pedal, boss multi effects, I had come to play in the amp without preference or guitar rig. here, who wanted to sell my amp for a classical Marschall 5: I care.

the price of the pedal is given. 29 euro
Quality is at the thick metal casing appointment, potentiometers serious, soft-to-use
universal adapter works perfectly

if it fails, I bought two!