Line 6 POD HD400
Line 6 POD HD400
tarz200tdi 04/28/2013

Line 6 POD HD400 : tarz200tdi's user review

«  Pod HD 300 with FX Loop ... not transparent! »

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Everything has already been written.

Little explanatory purchase patterns for me:
I had a Pod HD 300 which I was pretty happy, but also with an AMT SS-11, I also wanted to use me as POD multi effect only in 4 connection cables, the POD HD 300 not allowed not.


When not used the "line6 state of mind", it can be complex, but the sound editing software is to simplify! For a good start, download the advanced guide is also highly recommended, but it is very well made and available in French.

After that the possibilities are many, we arrive fast enough to navigate and edit directly on the camera with a little practice.

On the gear itself, for me it is identical to its little brother, except I have no problems footswitch on it (although they are the same), but still some reservations about the strength of the pedal ...


As preamp:
Used with
> Gibson SG Faded
> Fender Jazzmaster classic player

Output is in line headphones (marshall major) or Mac (iMac), or amp on a EHX 44 magnum + orange ppc 112 cab.

> In line mode, I am very satisfied. While it will never be worth a great tube amp, but it was still something very convincing. Again, things are not immediate. I found quite quickly cleans and crunch that suited me completely. for distortion sounds, it was longer. I understand that some say simus hi-gain oriented are bad ... However I would say just the job they claim to sound a musical way (gain settings / volume, equalization, the simus HP and microphone are to handle sparingly ... interactions are sometimes bizarre).

> In amp mode is less simple and immediate but it does pretty well. I have long used the method "preamp" for my sims to minimize, because they can not disengage completely, the simus HP. Since then, with the last update that enables this release, I passed in "full" by choosing not to simulation of HP, and it's more natural. After the limits in this mode probably take at least POD itself to the full of power and speaker on which the brought out: that is, if it sounds rotten, do not forget to ask for First, the quality of your gear downstream Pod ....

As multi-effects:
This is where it bug for my taste ... The effects themselves are rather than quality or high quality, but PROVIDED THEY TREAT THE SIGNAL pod and not necessarily something else ... For example simus modulation and time are objectively super beautiful ... except when dealing analog signal coming from outside ... then it becomes ... toc.
In addition, the FX loop is not transparent for two sub: my AMT sound to fall, but four cables connecting all fishing, dynamics, musicality signal collapse ... So well I have a pedal board full analog with the AMT (electric mistress, carbon copy etc ...) that is hyper music on one side, and the other Pod ...


To conclude, with the goals I had, I just drew a blank through the Pod HD 300 to 400 ...
However, having paid 400 at the price I sold her little brother, I do not insomnia.
It's my favorite "b-rig", which allows me to both bosser guitar quietly at home, but also to replace my analog rig in case of failure or maintenance of it ...

Morality (for me): the good stuff, but not necessarily responded to my initial expectations ...