Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
oogtr 07/08/2012

Line 6 POD X3 Live : oogtr's user review

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What are the effects, or types of effects available?

Almost all


The general configuration is simple?

For one who is accustomed to the pods, yes.
That said, the use of the machine is much more intuitive via the gearbox software


Very good


I am a professional guitarist.
I use a lot of configs, amp, pedalboard, etc., and among other times, the pod xt pro, with the FBV Shortboard.

I used this last config across to the variety (variety = all styles, funk, rock, pop, etc.). Both small scenes that on very large, avaec an audience ranging from 50 to 10,000 people.
I have used only "live on the sound system", thanks to the integrated DI.

I realized that the pod X3 Pro is much better, in many field, the pod xt pro + config fbv.


Firstly because it is a solution "a while", so no-brainer for the emcombrement (which was minimal but the xt pro).

Then lots of improvements:

- Being able to have two "tones" per preset (I will not go into details, but you have to walk twice as many possibilities)
- Being able to drive a Variax, and even pre-program changes microphones!
- The comp boost: before, this button was for the reverb, but let's be clear; often good enough reverb for all patches, suddenly, thanks to the boost, we can stay on the same preset, and enter by programming a solo boost on the same preset.
- The sounds of xt are, and we add to this, line6 packs that cost $ 100 more, and this, for free.
- The effects loop can be programmed for each preset, you can put it before the preamp stage, or after.
- The dual tones: I personally do not see too much interest, but ... a priori, we mix two config, ie 2 presets in a ...
- If one owns a Variax, you can use dual tones; this Parmet, for the same preset, set two sounds, one for the Variax, and one for the other guitar. Utilie eg repeat two guitars, or for teachers, etc ...
For those unfamiliar with the machine, here are some tips (Live console):

- Vox for clean and crunchy slight
- Line6 clean for clean
- Orange for slight crunch
- All marshall plexi for the crunch
- Engl saturates for rhythm or lead
- Line6 big bottom for modern solo (Lukather and others)
- Agro line6 for lead (mediums between half and bottom) ... it runs squarely on simple bridge position

for the latter, it is essential to play on console and in a mix and volume of scene; at home, it's rotten, but on stage, it is huge!

All simulated metal pack are fine but a little ressembent all.
They must be left as is for rhythm, and move it slightly to the medium for the lead.
But that said, I did some tests and tests, those that work best are those I have quoted above.