Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live

Line 6 POD X3 Live : Anonymous 's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
not try on electric guitar.

but voice and acoustic

there is little to be less choice for acoustic
looking good but there is so little happiness that we paufine settings
I plug in my mixing table bose bose l1 tonemacht and direct model 1

phew I believe it.

I wanted clapton acoustic sound I found.
we say that the sound on the cold zt x3 live but I found nothing

therefore can be ca depent on what you plug your guitar and?

otherwise very happy and just after 3 days utilisation.donc can certainly
do better and paufiner time.


simple enough but I prefer going by the software to parameterize the gearbox pedal.
not even look at the manual.


yes I find quite nice

I'm not a pro but I'm not deaf

and as we know each seeks his own sound.

So for me may be not perfect but for the price this is stunning.

was good preset and effect settings for voice and guitar

some amps will vraimment well on vocals? bizare but it is good that we are trying new sound.

for me the quality of my bose l1 and quite impressive.

may not be perfect for the purist

but enough to make a high-pretation

of game.c is my opinion.


I regret my purchase
enough means to buy the pod hd 500 unless line 6 me the

I use the last three days, but acts as a real 5/7 hours and dejas satisfied.
ca rest of the simulation but must admit that it can work even when
corectement a low I could buy all the stuff that you can do with this pedal ca would have a big budget and space.

in any case it does well for me in acoustic and voice even if I do not enormously choice.

so I guess not even for electric.

I'll aillor in achetrer one for laughs.

you can buy one occasion it is well above all the pedals that I "ve been trying to walk right between 80 and 200 that n is not the peculiarity of presented several pedals, effect, amp, compressor .. ...
at the same time.

in fact I do not work for line 6

but I say bravo and thank you.