Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Pettigrew 09/16/2010

Line 6 POD X3 Live : Pettigrew's user review

«  Ultra full, but a little gas plant »

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Multi-purpose simulator and amplifiers, microphones and Hps.
The X3 Live is all digital. It is controllable via the Line 6 software on Mac and PC. No software or drivers to Linux. Damage.
Connectors ultra-complete. One of the strengths of the Pod.


Operation is intuitive enough, you quickly understand the operation.
Editing effects is extensive, many settings available. Too much perhaps?


I prefer to use the Pod amp simulator that simple multi-effect. some amp simulations are very successful. Again, lots of models available. Be careful though, some amps and cab 'is slightly disappointing but when you see the amount of modeling is almost anecdotal.
Some effects (Stomp particular) are difficult to use with a guitar. I think all of synth effects, etc. ... type ringmod Quite difficult to settle and the result is somewhat curious.
Honours for dual-tone function, which allows two independent signals simultaneously.


It has been two years since I use it. He stays at home now because I'm on a config 'all-tube (dual cab and orange terror PP212), which does not accommodate multi-effects. I returned to a more raw, more vintage, with two / three analog effects and nothing else.
The problem with this product is that it is almost too complete: A feeling of vertigo when you see the multitude of settings and parameters available to the user. So, be a good preset can take a really long time.
The X3 Live is still a great product, but rather directed to computer music, or tinker with sounds at home. I recommend to use 100% live.
Is what I'll buy this product? Yes and no! Once it has found its own sound, I prefer a good vintage tube amp with minimal effects analog. Now I really appreciate the shape of riffs and new sounds with both the Pod is complete. So, perhaps a bit expensive for a toy at home.