Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
PointG 09/13/2010

Line 6 POD X3 Live : PointG's user review


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Many effects ... editable via pc or mac ... Digital technology ... connectivity of all kinds ...
but needless to repeat here, the characteristics are very well detailed on the site builder at this address


The config is fairly intuitive, especially if one has already given in other multi effects. Anyway, a little dive in the manual will be beneficial because it is fairly well designed and tutorial propels us directly into the editing and creation of "Preset".
The manual is quite clear, but we can supplement learning through many tutorials and other tips found on the Net!
From the X3 Live, editing sounds is relatively easy, but there will be more time and flexibility in using the USB connection and software "GearBox" provided. (But happiness)


Yes, the effects are realistic ... and given the many, many possibilities, should take the time to create his "sound".
The ideal is to plug into a power amp or a PA or amplified over loudspeakers to stay "neutral" because if we chose to play on guitar amp, it is advisable to use the connection in insert effects (or son method 4)

I try as a first step, create / adjust my sound through headphones.
Then repeat / on stage, I mainly use an Ibanez RG420EG on my X3 Live, which is connected (left / right) to a stereo power amp (neutral) Hughes and Kettner CF 200, itself connected in output left / right speakers Marshall 2 (in fact, a baffle cut in 2)


I have the Line 6 POD X3 Live "since only 3 weeks my choice was made by viewing demos and videos on the net but also by consulting the manual before buying it. (Initially, they were 4: Zoom, Boss, Digitech, and Line 6)
The peculiarity of this vehicle is definitely "The Dual Tone", a Wonder!
And finally, you can edit its sounds, or download others from his computer ... it's really great!
a Value for money very convenient.
I would do this choice without a doubt ...