Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
trevellin 06/13/2010

Line 6 POD X3 Live : trevellin's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Then, the program was, 78 amp models, 24 cabinet models guitars, 4 models of microphones for guitars speakers, 28 bass amp models, 22 bass cabinet models, 4 mic models for bass cabs , 6 preamp models and 96 effects models.
only here!
it is not a model rack, it is a guitar pedal, period.
the technology used is digital;
to connect the pedal to the amp, the audio is to connect to the computer, the USB and there is the possibility of a connection noon;


I can say that the general configuration is not complicated; LCD screen where one has information on the sound that we play with on the side buttons to scroll through the settings and record them (type amp, speaker cabinets, pedals that we use), 8 knobs with drive, bass, middle, treble and other ..., 12 stompswitchs settings for the call, and a pedal on the metal right pedal which volume and wah.
The manual is very thick but easily affordable when you spend some time understanding!
for editing sounds, it is easy to follow tutorials to help you deal more confidently grip the pedals.


effects are very effective (especially repeat group!) and very realistic, even the most wacky! ah! ah!
I use this pedal with my guitar.
after 2 weeks of use, I find that most of the settings are good and realistic.


It's been two weeks that I have and I have not tried other models before buying.
I like its lightness, its appearance chrome and black polished metal foot pedal modulation, ease of use when we look a little on the pound and we follow the tutorials, sounds right, precise and take full extent even in rehearsal with a drummer logger can be connected to the computer to compose, the possibility of stereo, the possibility of resuming the settings TonePort and transpose them on the pedals and many more ...
the negative and it is plastic!
the price / quality ratio is the height of the product; sound performance for musicians who know what they want.
with experience, I will redeem perhaps not without having first tried the TC Electronic G-System! (But that costs too expensive for what it is!)

on 09/10/10, I sold my pod after finding certainnes things, in fact, I thought it was a sound without relief too "smooth", the amp simulations were too typed in my taste it lacked some pedals ...
so I found the taste and the desire to buy good old analog pedals for me be a pedal-board worthy of that name, I started by connecting a fuzz belcat during my rehearsals and the result was more than flagrant; finally I hear the blows of the pick, imperfections that I love and I finally have a warmth that I like!
Of course, there are still advantages to having the pod line6, we do not need to carry 100kgs of various effects pedals to go again, it has a compact format involving tens of amps, pedals and speaker of legend, but what you gain somewhere, you lose it elsewhere for you to choose what suits you ....