Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Audiofanzine FR 11/29/2008

Line 6 POD X3 Live : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by kikiln/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Pod X3 Live bought in December 07.

All-digital amp simulation and multi-effects pedal for bass and guitar! Sold with user's manual, USB cable for PC connection (can be used with the free Gearbox software) and PSU.

Very comprehensive connections!!!

Inputs: variax, guitar, mic, phones, aux, Midi, FX, CD/MP3, pedal 2

Outputs: L/R PA system, L/R amp, FX, S/PDIF, Midi out/thru

Allows the connection of two instruments at the same time: guitar/guitar, guitar/bass, bass/vocals, etc.

Disadvantage: mic level setting is not easy but it's ok if you are patient.

Good integrated volume/wah or FX control pedal. No noise problems.

Nice chrome switch and knobs. They work well, no sweat.

My only concern is the plastic housing! Take care of it if you want it to look new a long time.


- Is it easy to make settings?

Yes, a beginner could use it and the user's manual is clear enough.

- Is it easy to edit sounds or effects?

Not really, if you want to do it directly on the device! Personally, I use the Gearbox 3.7 software for PC which is incredibly easy and intuitive. I make the whole editing on my PC and I save them in the POD XL. The sound possibilities are so many that I will need a very long time to discover its full capabilities.

- Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive?

Yes (I skimmed through it). Line 6 provides user's manual updates on their website. And they are downloadable.

- Drivers, software?

The free LINE6 MONKEY software gives you an overview of all installed drivers and programs compatible with the POD X3L. It also informs you when a new version is available. Nice!

The last firmware (v3.4.2.9) seems to be very stable. I had problems with older firmware versions but Line 6 did a good job and removed all bugs.

I find the free GEARBOX software wonderful and essential to use the device. It makes sound editing very easy.

POD FARM is also free and excellent. It's a kind of VST plug-in that allows you to use the PODX3 in your favorite sequencer (Sonar, Cubase, etc.).

Until now, I'm very satisfied with all Line 6 software tools compatible with my POD X3L. A real DELIGHT!


The sound is just excellent!!!

For a fully digital unit, it's incredible. Amp models are very faithful to the original. I previously owned a Fender tube amp and believe me the Fender models in the POD X3 are very authentic.

The unit provides you huge possibilities. Only high quality. The device allows you to discover new effects and amps (I especially like the Mesa Boogie and Citrus).

The distortions sound vintage and the clean sound is excellent.

The very powerful Dual Tone mode allows you to combine two sound sets.

But I personally don't use it a lot. I use it mainly when I connect two instruments to get a dedicated sound for each source.

I use a 2 x 60-watt Tech21 Powerengine to get a transparent sound. It enhances the audio quality and the amp modelings of the POD X3.

I also own a Variax, which is a delight with the POD X3.



I'm ecstatic! And with a Variax guitar it's even better!