Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Mikabail 09/29/2009

Line 6 POD X3 Live : Mikabail's user review


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All adj t said above. personally, I do not care whether this effect is the same one he is supposed mulate: as long as it is effective and musical, no problemo. For me, the pod is good that level.
For shipping via PC stealthily. However, as sound card niet: music from the computer + = dcrchage my bass after 3 seconds! But it does not matter, it does not serve me to this: I have the tone port UX2 makes them trs well!

01/2010: Well I'd like to finally enjoy the X3 sound card with POD Farm plug-in. Contavt from Line 6 that I had to review rpond with my dealer if the warranty still works. I contacted by mail Thomann dbrouiller is going to have it removed by UPS and rpar. (You can use the tone port UX2 as sound card and dongle in the pod to take advantage of all the simulation at the same time)


The manual is clear, you just take the time to read it (just) to win (much) time.


I am a bassist. I use it sparingly so the effects from a six-string player. on the other hand I enjoy a lot with the amp simulation. Ralistes or not the simulation? Nothing beat: each has its spcificits, his music and allow me to have sound Different. Double tone function is valid for a: an amp with a clear bass you kicking the boy and another with a disto mchante good example and a serious attack!


I use it for 4 months now. Not much with (4) with a lot of cons in rps heavy rock (with double bass drum and two atele a bcheron grateux pissed one with jcm 900). Eeeeeh bin it is not Czech! I connected to my amp: a power amp feeding a 2 fois130w 2fois 10pouces of 175W and 1 after 15 inches of 400W and the sound is good! He took the place of my pramp Peavey T-Max: more possibilities. It is worth may not be the sound of an Ampeg SVT atel August 1 times 10 inches, but for the price ...

And two more months and it's getting better. We just pay for a new sound and I hte try it!