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Fender Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Fender Blues Junior

    Fender Blues Junior - "The affordable Fender sound" has images


    Overview The Fender Blues Jr. is easily one of Fender's most popular guitar amplifiers of the past decade. In addition to the classic black tolex model, there have been several limited edition releases over the years as well--often equipped with d…

  • Fender Princeton Chorus

    Fender Princeton Chorus - "Toooootally Great Blues Amp !!!!"


    Fender old 2x10(Fender Special Design Speakers ... Eminence ???) 51 watt amp Made in USA ... not big ... not heavy ... but loud as hell!!! Perfect choice for someone who want get nice cleans and raw overdrive . First CLEANS very bright sparkle but…

  • Fender Mustang I (V.2)

    Fender Mustang I (V.2) - "Good buy for a beginner"


    It's a 20W modeling amp. It has a good range of Fender simulations. It allows you to add the most widespread effects and to fine-tune the settings with the Fender Fuse software. You can connect to it: - a minijack audio output. - a minijack AUX …

  • Fender Princeton 112 Plus

    Fender Princeton 112 Plus - "Excellent surprise!"


    I needed a backup amp and thought about a basic solid-state amp that wasn't heavy and fitted in my car's trunk. I went for this 1996 solid-state Fender Princeton 112+, made in USA, rated at 65 watts, with a 12" speaker, and weighing 31 lbs, which ha…

  • Fender Performer 650

    Fender Performer 650 - "Not bad, but it has some defects"


    Tube/solid state hybrid 2 channels (1 clean / 1 drive) 65 watts Reverb 12" speaker Footswitch to toggle channels and for the reverb UTILIZATION Easy setup Clean channel: 1 volume bass treble Drive channel: 1 gain, 1 volume, bass mid treble …

  • Fender Roc Pro 1000

    Fender Roc Pro 1000 - "Very good clean and distortion sounds"


    Solid-state amp BUT it has a tube for the distortion/drive, your choice. Line out (8Ohms mini), send return, loop volume control, footswitch input (3 buttons on the pedalboard, to enable the distortion and choose the distortion (there are two), plus…

  • Fender Super 60

    Fender Super 60 - bloodjob's review


    Small, 60-watt all-tube amp that can single-handedly deliver more power into its speaker than many other amp heads with higher ratings. Despite the year of production, you can be sure it's made in the US, with a quality hardly seen today. You have an…

  • Fender Princeton 65

    Fender Princeton 65 - "Nice Amp & Portable Amp Player" has images


    The transistor Princeton 65 is 65 watts with 2-Clean Inputs; Vol, Treble and Bass the Drive Input (#2 with drive button engaged) makes it dirty with Drive, Vol, Treble, Mid, Bass, REVB and there also are PRE-OUT, PWR-IN and Foot switch for add-on opt…

  • Fender Stage 112 SE

    Fender Stage 112 SE - "how much should i sell it for?"


    its a solid state. very loud compact, great jammin amp.I have never turned it up passed 2. even at practise. dont see to many for sale. So curious to how much i should ask for it. UTILIZATION only typing something here cuz site is making me lol …

  • Fender Excelsior

    Fender Excelsior - "Perfect for me, yes!" has images


    All tube, cathode biased 6V6 pair, 2 12ax7s on the preamp side, 13 watts, 15" speaker, volume, vibrato and a bright/dark switch, 3 inputs: guitar, mic( lower gain input ) and accordion ( basically filtered somehow to give a "honkier" sort of sound. …