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Fender Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Fender Princeton 65

    Fender Princeton 65 - " very good versatile amp"


    ATTENTION: I think this product mixture 2 products! 1 / Princeton Reverb Amp is a tube amp 15w 1100 € 2/65 Princeton tout court; Transistor amplifier 65w which is no longer sold t it seems! My opinion therefore focuses on the 2nd 2 channe…

  • Fender Super-Sonic  22 Combo

    Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo - " Great sound but very poor reliability!"


    Combo 22W lamps (3x12AX7, 2x12AT7, 2x6V6). 1 HP Fender 12 ", effects loop, 2 channels. The clean channel is double and everything is selectable foot (2 clear channels, the drive channel, effects loop and reverb). The weight is quite reasonable an…

  • Fender Mustang II

    Fender Mustang II - " A very nice amp"


    See other reviews below Can be a shame to have limited effects modulation / delay / reverb An auto-wah has been nice example UTILIZATION Fairly simple configuration when you understand the principle. Some kinks: Using the tuner is not ve…

  • Fender Bandmaster (Silverface)

    Fender Bandmaster (Silverface) - " great amp stage 60/70"


    tube amp power about 50 depending on the model 100w 2 head body with two 1-channel presence settings volume, bass, treble and second ditto more vibrato setting (trigger footswitch) in magnitude and depth there is no of other effects as vibrato his ma…

  • Fender Champion 110

    Fender Champion 110 - " surprisingly clear sound for its size"


    transistor amp 25W volume settings, high-mid-low, reverb, gain + volume for the drive channel 1 guitar input jack + Jack connector for footswitch, headset, and extra hp UTILIZATION straightforward use never had any electronic problems S…

  • Fender Champion 600 [2007-2012]

    Fender Champion 600 [2007-2012] - " Quality and practical"


    Lamp, 5W, no effect, gross ... No EQ ... UTILIZATION Child configuration, the manual is useless. SOUNDS Clear sound rather nice. You can easily add it Overdrive, modulation (Chorus, Phaser) or Delay. He shall restore the grain pedals quit…

  • Fender Greta

    Fender Greta - " Good little beast"


    Part impeccable amp for what we asked him to do (background and plays the guitar volume knob. HP is too small, gives a very average sound, and this is why Fender had proposed a red baffle . But find it now? ...? Why do not they stand regardless of …

  • Fender Champion 110

    Fender Champion 110 - " Clearly it sounds but not distortion"


    Fender of his slamming, only transistors, 25W I think, to come away reverb, distortion not very good at all. UTILIZATION easy to use even without instructions, manual 3 leaves with some examples of position buttons. Very powerful, I have never …

  • Fender Champion 110

    Fender Champion 110 - " it depends what it is doing."


    Any small amp transistor 25w made in Mexico. In any case for a 25w, it sends severely block! Report the weight / size / power is excellent. Even though I've never essaayé in this context, it must be quite deadly to small rehearsing at moderate volu…

  • Fender Vaporizer

    Fender Vaporizer - " A real character"


    Any lamp with two 10 hp "two entrances. Normal and bright (it reminded me of my HIWATT Custom 100, sniff) 12 w that beat up and real spring reverb is what is rare or very rare today.. UTILIZATION We obtain immediately a sound and what a sound! Te…

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