Guitar amplification news

  • [NAMM] Orange Amps OR50H & OR15H

    [NAMM] Orange Amps OR50H & OR15H

    01/09/12 in Orange OR50H Reissue

    Orange Amplification has decided to reintroduce their 40th anniversary from 2008 with the issue of a limited amp: the OR50H.

  • [NAMM] Ampeg GVT Series

    [NAMM] Ampeg GVT Series

    01/08/12 in Ampeg GVT52-112

    Ampeg's GVT Series tube guitar amplifiers will make their first appearance at Winter NAMM 2012.

  • 65amps Producer

    65amps Producer

    01/08/12 in 65amps Producer

    65amps introduces their newest guitar amplifier, The Producer.

  • Eric Johnson EJ1250 Signature 12" Speaker

    Eric Johnson EJ1250 Signature 12" Speaker

    01/05/12 in Eminence EJ1250

    Eminence announces the addition of a signature 12” alnico guitar speaker developed with guitarist Eric Johnson, the EJ1250.

  • Orange Amps #4 Terror Signature Jim Root

    Orange Amps #4 Terror Signature Jim Root

    01/04/12 in Orange #4 Jim Root Terror Head

    Orange Amplification announces the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head and cab, developed in association with the Slipknot guitarist.

  • Milbert GAGA-90

    Milbert GAGA-90

    01/03/12 in Milbert GAGA-90

    Milbert Amplifiers has announced they are now shipping production models of the GAGA-90 tube guitar amp.

  • Hiwatt T20 Review

    Hiwatt T20 Review

    01/03/12 in Hiwatt T20

    Hiwatt has launched its tube series, a full range of compact amps presented as offering the typical British sound of their legendary brothers in spite of their small dimensions and their more affordable price. You can currently choose between three different output powers: 40, 20 or 10 watts. Every amp is available as a combo or head. Let's check …

  • Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

    Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

    12/21/11 in Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

    The new Boss BC-2 Combo Drive is now shipping.

  • A/DA Amps APP-1

    A/DA Amps APP-1

    12/09/11 in A/DA APP-1

    A/DA introduces its new APP-1, a two-channel guitar preamp in a stompbox, built around the company's D-Torsion Core technology.

  • Victoria Cherry Bomb & Silver Sonic

    Victoria Cherry Bomb & Silver Sonic

    12/05/11 in Victoria Amplifier Cherry Bomb

    Victoria Amplifier Company announces the arrival of the Silver Sonic and Cherry Bomb combos to its stable of guitar amplifiers.