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  • Fender Mustang V Review

    Fender Mustang V Review

    06/23/11 in Fender Mustang V Head

    About one year ago Fender released the small modeling guitar combo Mustang II. Ever since, they have extended their product line with more powerful products, including an amp head we want to try out now...

  • New Firmware Available for Torpedo VB-101

    New Firmware Available for Torpedo VB-101

    05/31/11 in Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

    Two Notes introduces a new firmware update for Torpedo VB-101.

  • Eagletone Raging 5H Review

    Eagletone Raging 5H Review

    05/31/11 in Eagletone Raging 5H

    Compact tube amps are definitely "in" nowadays. They are conceived to provide a classic sound in spite of their affordable price and compact dimensions. So, when Eagletone decided to launch a small 5-watt tube amp head for €179, we couldn't resist plugging in our guitars...

  • Carl Martin Octa-Switch mkII

    Carl Martin Octa-Switch mkII

    05/30/11 in Carl Martin Octaswitch mkII

    Carl Martin present the MKII version of the Octa-Switch, based on user feedback.

  • Carvin V3MC

    Carvin V3MC

    05/23/11 in Carvin V3MC

    Carvin has redesigned the Micro Series V3MC combo, with the same LED backlighting found on the V3M micro amp and the V3L head.

  • 7 New T-Rex Pedals

    7 New T-Rex Pedals

    05/20/11 in T-Rex Engineering SpinDoctor 2

    T-Rex Engineering, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, introduced an array of new pedals at the 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse show which will soon be available in North America.

  • Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II

    Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II

    05/18/11 in Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II

    With twice the power of the former Axe-Fx Ultra, the Axe-Fx II incorporates new algorithms and an array of new hardware and software features.

  • SPL Tonehunter Reducer

    SPL Tonehunter Reducer

    05/18/11 in SPL Reducer

    SPL expands its "Power Soak” product line for guitar players with the Reducer, a passive power attenuator for guitar amps.

  • Two Notes Torpedo Capture Update

    Two Notes Torpedo Capture Update

    05/17/11 in Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

    A new updated version of Torpedo Capture is available for Torpedo VB-101, Torpedo VM-202 and Torpedo PI-101 users.

  • Budda Twinmaster Re-Issue

    Budda Twinmaster Re-Issue

    05/13/11 in Budda Twinmaster [2011-Current]

    Budda Amplification announces the re-issue of the Budda Twinmaster

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