Xotic Effects EP Booster
Xotic Effects EP Booster

EP Booster, Guitar/Bass booster from Xotic Effects.

nickname009 08/19/2011

Xotic Effects EP Booster : nickname009's user review


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This is an interesting volume boost pedal made by Xotic effects. It's not necessarily a clean boost perse as it is not simply a transparent clean boost like the RC. Rather it's based off the preamp of the famous echoplex. As a bunch of famous players have plugged into the echoplex as part of the guitar chain to acquiring that awesome 'tone'.

Specs: FET spec volume booster that provides up to 20db of volume boost with 2 dip switches on the providing a treble boost, neutral or a bass boost.


Pretty darn easy. Nothing but one knob if you don't count the two dip switches on the inside.

Just turn it on and turn the knob to what you'd like it to sound like!


This is a great piece of gear that sounds great! Most players I know that use it always have it on. Just like the original echoplex! It seems to add something to the signal that makes the guitar sound just overall sweeter.

The added EQ dip switches are great to compensate for any guitars or coil taps/splits that sound like they're lacking bass or maybe don't have enough presence. Of course the only problem with this is it's not tweakable in a live situation since it's on the inside and they're tiny dip switches. You'd have to preconfigure what you're doing to get this to work for you.

It's also a good boost just to compensate for the whole chain of effects that one might have and the long cable runs. I know a few players who use it this way as a buffer to bring back the guitar signal, it's especially helpful to have the treble boost dip switch for this situation.


What I like most about this pedal, I gotta admit, is not the sound, but the SIZE. It's TINY! I wish ALL pedals were made this size! Then nobody would have any problems with boards and pedals and trying to fit such ridiculously oversized pedals on ridiculously undersized boards!!

The sound is of course great. I can't say for sure if the tone circuit is exactly that of the older echoplex, I haven't played on in a very very long time. But what comes out of this pedal is very unique and very charismatic. With the added EQ features of the dip switches to help further shape the EQ is also an added bonus. I can see why EP users have this thing on ALL the time. It just sounds great, ALWAYS, and with everything!