Negens 01/01/2010

Palmer PDI 09 : Negens's user review


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Everything has been said.

We can no longer simple. Even without a manual, you can use it.

Attention users of tube amps, it does not loadbox, then plug the output is essential to your thru speaker, otherwise the output transformer grill of your amp.

The manual is quite clear and sufficient.

This tool is a blessing for the guitarist who wants to register easily.

I first used a SansAmp Tri-AC, because my amp was broken, and the emulation of the internal baffle SansAmp does not satisfy me.
Much I appreciated the update on the clean and crunch, as I was very disappointed on overdrive.

Later, after repairing my amp, I plugged into a speaker output, out of curiosity (just to get the color of power tubes). N'dediou Oh! It's awfully good! The simulation is downright good (Note that it is not a simulation of a simulation of speakers but recovery of a baffle sm57).

Sounds clear as crunch sounds, or saturated, everything is transcribed perfectly!

As the simulation of a sm57 well placed, I took out my audio-technica mb2k which is a copy of sm57, and I make a comparison.

There is a slight difference which will give "benefit" to the microphone: The mids are more airy and somewhat fuller on that side micro.Ca brings a little "dirty" that makes all the heat taken by a microphone.
The micrometer is it a little more specific.
But this difference is very slight and I'm not even sure I can make a difference if we imposed on me in a blind test.

The mixture of the two is a real pleasure! The next most accurate palmer side warm / dirty the microphone, it transcends the sound.

I use it for 8 months.
I tried some other products before that.
- The simus Revalver of baffles. There is something synthetic annoying and there is no "scraouncth" in the low-medium
- Speakerphone: not bad but it puts my CPU flat.
- The torpedo Two Notes: excellent but my budget does not allow me to purchase it.

The peculiarities that I love most: All
The ones I like least: it does not like coffee.

The quality / price is more than good.

With experience, how not to make the election again?
It simplifies the records for those who do not like to bother with investments.
That does not leave polluting the surrounding noise in case of bad acoustics.
It is not expensive and it can pay big dividends.
And besides, it's part of survival kit to pick up concert

A <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Must Have!</span>