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Guitar Cabinet Simulators user reviews

  • Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic

    Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic - " Good but not worth a good microphone."


    See other reviews. Robust construction. Easy to use. Simple manual in English or German seulement.Et how they do the other? Oh here we go ... Really great to work with headphones, it's better than the simulators found on the multi-effects i…

  • Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro

    Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro - N2h2's review


    Analog passive DI box. Jack came in and XLR ballanced "micro" level 600 ohm impedance. output "through" that allows to interpose this case anywhere in the string sound, leaving scratches, post preamp and power amp same post. A switch to reduc…

  • Palmer PDI-03

    Palmer PDI-03 - " Very good equipment"


    Speaker simulator and loadbox, which allows you to record sound directly to an amp at full power without going through the speakers, interesting to record quality sound without going deaf. Rack model, no need power, I have version 8 Ohm with which …

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VM-202

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VM-202 - " Impressive"


    Everything is on the site. It is easy to use, everything is very intuitive (not 5 minutes to appropriate). There I am amazed, in a half-hour away, I can replace my Marshall EL34 100/100, and my 4x12 orange box. I spend my box simulations, no co…

  • Palmer PDI 09

    Palmer PDI 09 - " The V30 box"


    Already explained. Liabilities, it is practical: it needs neither battery nor phantom power. The ground lift is used to resolve the concerns of hum due to ground loops. As already explained. I will say that the output level of the device is qu…

  • Palmer PDI 09

    Palmer PDI 09 - " Perfect"


    Simpler, you die. ditto nickel I had the famous sound of bees entering directly into the table (via IR): No problem, I now have a "real" guitar sound amplified! FYI, I use it after several effects pedals without a preamp (or simulator) wi…

  • Palmer PGA 05

    Palmer PGA 05 - " Excellent!"


    The characteristics of the animal have been described in prior reviews. So I'll allow the economy to re-detail. However I note that the purpose of this unit is to operate in line level (even if other modes are possible, actually) Use child. I…

  • Palmer PDI 09

    Palmer PDI 09 - " Simple and effective"


    Passive DI simulator with HP and mitigation Extremely simple to use: It is a branch with speaker cable to the output of the amp. We use the exit thru to connect (always with a speaker cable) on the baffle and Out (XLR) to plug into its registrat…

  • Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro

    Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro - " Bof"


    Passive, analog, di box with choice of entry-level (multi-effects, or loudspeaker), 412 hp simultaneous fires, ground lift. Caution is therefore not a loadbox an amp you should have connected the HP to prevent the signals from the Indian ... Ou…

  • Carl Martin Rock Bug

    Carl Martin Rock Bug - " Great tool"


    Pedal analogue to pro-series from Carl Martin powered by a battery or power supply 9 volt Boss format (not possible to feed the 48v console) This is a clean amp simulator with a general and a master volume for the guitar and a switch to simulate a…