Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2
Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2

Polychorus Mk2, Chorus for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

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ferdi* 12/13/2005

Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2 : ferdi*'s user review


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PDAL chorus / flanger analog.
Must connect the beast on a alim'24voltes!


Effects: matrix filter / flanger / chorus / double track
Should be tested more thing to find the sound, but when I put even 10: P
The manual just to help beginners but ...


So it's simple, ripped! Sounds are dmentiel, small chorus in the lightweight type of patient feedback intro to "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" by Nirvana!
It's more analog, jme'm doing poo in my pants when I heard what it was worth (must be said that I had just heard a chorus Ibanez: CF7 Flanger is not the same level it!). PDAL This has a fucking sound! : D
I use a Fender Start with "black beauty" and a special edition Mexican lag RX100. It's a massacre in his clear, distortion ... It's still MIEU! : D Verse with a big muff or a ds 2, waaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!( imagine a SansAmp now;))
I use mainly for solos flanger, chorus with the feedback thoroughly for the parties "noisy" style Sonic Youth, and the double track, I would not know how to dcrire a, but with a clear sound line 6 spider 2 all rotten, Pete (now imagine my future hot rod deluxe ... hh;))
I do not dtest sounds, the chorus is also beautiful and if you push all the knobs has donf mode chorus, tremolo ba you got a crazy!
NOTHING is better now in this kind of sound is simple: D


I use it for 1 week.
SOUND, I love the look too. Very practical and more.
Yes I have tried many and I declare it officially when PDAL CHORUS / FLANGER, there is NOTHING better now.
It CHRE (I bought OCCAZ has 115euros / a new 210), but worth it.
I refer this election without a single second hsiter! There is no better now on the market, worth ALUS, and then it just has not So EH be the stew!