Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2
Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2

Polychorus Mk2, Chorus for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

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kluck 11/04/2006

Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2 : kluck's user review


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Analog Chorus

there is a choice between
double track (or echo delay)
filter matrix and
not any analog or preset memory
24V power supply not careful Garland


The Manual:::: ben a simple A5 sheet written in English small
6 with examples and a clear enough description of the beast

slight but sufficient limits, no brainer you turn the knobs and listening point bar
(For me making music is playing, not spend hours digesting the instructions of a multi purpose)


For its there we enter the subjective but basically
friends of the boss / ibanez go your way this is anything but cold and mechanical sound is incredibly warm and organic that is living matter c't ca quarter turn reacts to the slightest change in volume or micro causes a reaction Reminds me of my tube amps

must try it before you buy it for it is but it really typed BBOOONNNN


I have been one week, I 'utlise in addition to a Rocktron Deep Blue is just the opposite (discrete, subtle and a little cold)
all in an AC30 and an old blackface Fender.
Surpenant pus that is the ability to respond to the guitar, the Les Paul I practically saturate (though saturation) whereas a colder spring telecaster

never heard this sound in organic competition, the only one that seemed as exciting was a TC Electronic SCF but in a very different color