Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2
Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2

Polychorus Mk2, Chorus for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

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Joe strummer 04/26/2004

Electro-Harmonix Polychorus Mk2 : Joe strummer's user review


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Pedal flanger / chorus stereo analog

4 modes:

- Filter matrix
- Flange
- Chorus
- Double track

jack input, 2 outputs for stereo

4 knobs: width / rate / delay-tune / feedback, their influence varies according to the method used

switch filter sweep: after what I understand, ca note a slight vibrato to the case, in any case it is!


Config not as simple as another chorus pedal, and for good reason, this pedal is unique

the edition of the sounds, and well just fiddle a bit and you soon realize what is happening!

the "manual" is shown a number of opportunities to jump start with the beast


Pff, the sound is insane

flange, and I was not expecting is the big attraction. Depending on the settings, switching from a slight chorus, a tremolo, a hp rotary or turbo jet effect. you see "Come As You Are" by Nirvana?

The chorus is a real chorus, it can control the number of echoes, the detune, speed ... it can approach a flanger or more subtly enhance the original sound

double track is a short delay, quite effective in stereo

the filter matrix is ​​a flanger "manual", ca flange when you turn the knob

the sound is phenomenal, organic, warm. Chorus I tried and they envy you!


I for one week, and I'm on your ass! the possibilities of sound are numerous. is turned slightly and it changes the rate bcp!

in stereo ca beat up, I hate to have a second amp (for now I recycle my old H & K power amp and cabinet ...)

I tried the boss chorus type, or multi effects stuff disgusting. there, we do not play in the same category. after rack is probably better but it's anologique ...

I do it again this choice with eyes closed ... Once the pedal repaired, indeed bypass my show and I go to my regret having to send qques week in NY for the guarantee

210 euros is not given for a pedal, but if like me you're in love chorus analog sound ... I tried a versatile effect and versatile hot and Polychorus will become the basis of my sound. in the same category is the Boss CE-20, but it's more expensive, Electro-Harmonix, and then we are sure it is pure cam