TC Electronic Corona Chorus
TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Corona Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

King Loudness 01/31/2012

TC Electronic Corona Chorus : King Loudness's user review

« Wasn't overly impressed »

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The TC Electronic Corona Chorus is another one of the new Tone Print pedals that the company has released. It was initially of interest to me when I wanted to pair one with my Flashback delay for some shimmer on my clean sounds. It has a slightly less complex feature-set than some of the other pedals in this series. It has a basic chorus setting, and a switch to take it into the Tone Print (load presets on with USB) or Tri Chorus modes. The controls are nice and basic, just speed, depth, tone and a master FX level. It is on par with many of the popular chorus pedals on the market (BOSS, MXR, EHX, etc) for features. It does have the nice small size and easy to access battery compartment which are nice things to have in a pedal for sure.


Setting up this pedal is pretty easy. I wasn't really able to get any chorus tones that I personally cared for, but the controls were easy to use and did what I thought. It can go from a nice light shimmer to a very warbly shaky sounding chorus. A nice feature too is the "tone" knob, which allows the user to dial the EQ in (IE: if they prefer a darker chorus or maybe something brighter) they can do that with this pedal. Like all TC pedals in this series it's shooting for a nice set of boutique level tones in an easy to use package.


I was initially very interested in this unit to add some nice shimmer to my clean sounds and perhaps use it with some overdrive for an eighties type "detune" effect as well. Unfortunately I just could not get into the tones of this unit. It didn't quite have the rich and lush choruses that I was hoping for, but it tended to sound a bit thin and bright to my ears. I tried dialing it in as best I could but I found it just not to work for my ears. The regular chorus mode and tri chorus mode didn't sound too different to me, just a bit darker and more bassy in the tri chorus mode. It was surprising because I know TC is known for effects like this, but I guess you can't win 'em all.


All in all I think the TC Corona Chorus is a decent idea for a good quality chorus at a fair price. However I just wasn't impressed by the tones or way it sounded. It just seemed thin and anemic compared to what I heard in my head and ultimately I decided not to buy one afterwards. For $130 this pedal is a decent deal, but its tones might not be for everyone. I guess the user should really try one to decide!