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Roland Guitar Combo Amplifiers user reviews

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77 - ebrian's review


    No need to add anything here. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, intuitive. You get what you want quickly. No need for a manual. Amp for rehearsals and small venues. It doesn't have too much power. SOUNDS Superb, beautiful clean sound that respects t…

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55 - pabog's review


    1 channel solid-sate amp 2 inputs, hi and lo On the rear: line out, 3 switch possibilities (distortion, reverb, chorus) Controls: distortion (on/off at first and then comes the distortion), volume, equalization (treble, mid, bass), reverb, 3 choru…

  • Roland GC-405

    Roland GC-405 - olix's review


    20 W combo (25 W with the additional speaker, GC-405 X). It has four 5" speakers within a compact housing, it weighs 27.5lbs. Ideal for your room or a small apartment. The Tube Logic technology simulates old tube amps. Clean Channel: Volume Lea…

  • Roland Cube-20X

    Roland Cube-20X - "Roland Cube 20"


    I play for an month now and i already play songs! i can play bloodbath and chimaira. I have bought this amplifier at feedback in holland, great store u can test everything before u buy it. I bought it for 159€ This amplifier has everything it shou…

  • Roland Cube-60

    Roland Cube-60 - "Roland Cube 60"


    I had not been playing for a long time and found myself one day on the doorstep of a shop in Kristiansand, Norway (Dipner Musikk) looking for a new electric guitar. This was in 2004. I wanted a platform to start playing again, I like the blues, Hendr…

  • Roland Micro Cube

    Roland Micro Cube - "Roland Micro Cube"


    i bought my last practice amp about twenty years ago and so decided it was about time for a change . i pur chased this unit for a mere 69 quid from a local music store . when buying anything i always do my homework on it and check out reviews etc …

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77 - poy974's review


    2x35-watt solid-state amp with standard connections UTILIZATION It's very easy to use! You only need to read what the controls say! lol! SOUNDS The clean sound is perfect, it's almost like listening to an acoustic! lol! It's a standard! It's easy…

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 - "Roland JC120"


    I have been playing guitar for thirty years now. Currently I am not in a band I've prefered to work in recording studios because I overdub myself because I also play keyboards, drums and bass guitar. I write my own music. When I do play gigs I play s…

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - "Roland Cube 30"


    Been playing for 15 years, all kinds of rock and blues...I was looking for a practice amp to play in my apartment. Picked this up at Sam Ash for $260 I liked this better than the Line 6, Crate, Vox, Marshall, and Peavey practice amps at the same …

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55 - elxav's review


    Solid-state amp with preset chorus, as well as adjustable reverb and distortion Two channels Reverb and distortion switch line out 55w of output power 2 x 12" speakers UTILIZATION No manual, but it's easy to use and the chorus sound is superb,…