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  • Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket 1x10 Combo

    Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket 1x10 Combo - "Nice compact combo"


    This is an amazing amp fro Mesa Boogie. It has a simple one 12 inch speaker and a two channel one for rhythm and one for lead. It also has reverb and a great effects loop. The contour switch allows the users to accurately dial in the EQ after you hav…

  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - Brown & Jensen Limited Edition

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - Brown & Jensen Limited Edition - "Brown goodness"


    This is basically a custom piece for the Fender Hot Rod series. This amp is every way is the exact same functionally and tone wise as the black standard with silverface grill. You have the same response in feel and tone. The only difference being tha…

  • Randall RG 100 G3 PLUS

    Randall RG 100 G3 PLUS - "Nice Randall"


    Randall is a company that has taken the modular preamps by storm. They have build a market for preamp swapping that has ignited the guitar players around the the world. Though this amp is not a modular design it still incorporates the sound and tone …

  • Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket 1x12 Combo

    Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket 1x12 Combo - "Nice Rocket"


    A solid little amp from the genius of Mesa Boogie. these amps were designed for the small space jamming sessions and the person who needed a compact amp for home use and light gigging. These amps have a familiar Mesa Boogie tone that is easily recogn…

  • Marshall 2554 Silver Jubilee [1987]

    Marshall 2554 Silver Jubilee [1987] - "Nice Anny"


    These amps weer produced to commemorate Jim Marshall and they were labeled the 25th anniversary of Marshall. These were great amps at the time and more of a modern touch than the other models that Marshall was producing at the time. These amps had th…

  • Vox AD100VT-XL

    Vox AD100VT-XL - "Waste of time"


    The valvetronics amps from Vox are just a complete waste of time. These amps sound so bad that is makes playing the guitar a joke. It also makes Vox look like a joke by putting out amps that sound like trash. Vox is one of my favorite amp builder, at…

  • Vox AC30 Top Boost Vintage

    Vox AC30 Top Boost Vintage - "One amp to rule them all"


    This amp is an English rock legend. If you ever get a chance to play a JMI VOx Ac30 there is nothing that will satisfy that need an desire for a vintage Vox Ac30 top boost. I thought that the tone from this amp was very useful and exciting. It was s…

  • Laney LC15-110

    Laney LC15-110 - "Nice little combo"


    Laney is a British company that has been making fantastic sounding amplifiers for about 35+ years. They started back in the late 60's and have been a high quality company since it's birth. This amp is a one channel amp with one 10 inch speaker fr…

  • Fender Stage 100

    Fender Stage 100 - iamqman's review


    One of those simple amps from Fender. This is an amp that was onto the market for a while and then ultimately replaced by the Fender Stage 100 DSP. The DSP has multi effects based right into the amp that makes this an all in one amplifier. This m…

  • ENGL Jive 30

    ENGL Jive 30 - iamqman's review


    Engl is one of those companies that make high quality amplifiers within a good price point for boutique designs. They are essentially a boutique company that has now more world wide success because of places like Musicians Friends and other online re…