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bled4bathori 06/18/2020

Biyang Metal-End : bled4bathori's user review

« I'm in love »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
this is by far thee absolute best metal distortion/extreme pedal I've ever owned or played with.very brutal and distinct with a whole plethora of options for changing to different tones.back off on the distortion knob just a little bit and you get very clean sounding thrash metal.
full on gain and you get a ripping and tearing brutal feast of distortions suitable for any black metal and death metal in love with my biyang metal end.
I'm buying the metal end king very soon due to the fact that it has even higher quality components making up it's this metal end is so awesome I'll buy the metal end king with no worries at all.
I urge everyone who needs brutality in a pedal that can't afford the expensive bullcrap
pedals that true pussies always are whining about.
(eh,it don't cost enough,th more I spend the better it makes me feel about myself) spoon up theyr bums blocked theyr brains and theyr ears if they don't fall and worship at the feet of this pedal.its $37.
you cannot and will not get a better pedal out tho because theyr are people all over the I ternet trying to rip people off on these pedals by charging $100 and even more...but in reality..these pedals only cost $37.
if you have to just order it from China and wait for a few months to get it because then it's the best deal ever and you get the most happiness out of it.