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McphistoKing 08/07/2008

Biyang Metal-End : McphistoKing's user review


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Analog distortion pedal made in China, reproducing the sounds of saturated high gain amps.
Four EQ bands: low, mid freq, middle, high.
Setting: level and dist.
Four selectable filters for switches: 1 / amp simulator, 2 / filter modern, normal, classic, 3 / high filter, cut the mids and acting on 4 / filter normal, bright and warm.
Entry in and out.
True Bypass.
Battery power or 9 volt power supply type Boss.


Like all pedals of the analog is plug'n'play but the presence of filters and a four-band equalizer allows many rélages and rich sound.
We must therefore, to find his sound, look at the settings a bit longer than a traditional distortion pedal, but nothing very complicated.


This pedal is one of the best distortion I've tried, it buries itself all major brands.
I use it with a willow strat's, a Fender Band Master head 1965 and a 2x12 cabinet with Celestion G12H.
The Metal End when engaged turns your amp into a roaring beast and we obtain high gain saturation of vintage and modern metal.
The sound is warm and clear, it seems to have a second amp.
Turning down the volume on the guitar remains accurate throughout the race and it loses almost no frequencies.
But the strength of this pedal and brand Biyang the same time, is that it fits on many amps: Fender Deluxe Reverb, Marshall JCM 800, Roland Jazz Chorus, etc..


For only € 60 you have a metal distortion that exceeds almost all that I could try or use (effects: Boss, Ibanez, Vox, Carl Martin, EHX) in terms of value for money. Unfortunately at this time a single store, Rock line in Toulouse, sell them in France.
Here is a link to get a clearer picture of this pedal and brand:
You will find samples of different brand products, but do not rely on prices that are above those normally performed.