DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion
DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion

FX86B Death Metal Distortion, Distortion from DOD.

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j.frad 11/05/2004

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion : j.frad's user review


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Ben c dla mega distortion pedals in, drive still has merits, the knob disappeared! It is a robust pedal ... 3-band EQ for the medium-board thank you! Gnralement is what he really miss a pedal of this type ...
C'estune pedal you buy if you want a big distortion, if we want to do in the shade it will be difficult without other pedals, I have the last round, but the former is worse!


Well we can not say that it is complicated to use! ds that the industry is on and ready to tattered ... The medium is mega practical to have a little more presence, it crucially lacks the other! is one of the reasons why I chose it also ...


A good deal of gain, a 3-band EQ, I love the sound it out, I use to play the forcment not death, the EQ can make it happen in other styles (grunge rock or other, but that was well dla extreme distortion for the style anyway ...)
A priori it is not versatile at all, but I use it with a pedal can (LF7 Ibanez but all the settings to neutral) to lower the level of, and it gets super nice overdrive, j ' I have not had pleindre!
I think if you want a good distortion pedal with a lot of gain is the one that must be taken, the DOD pedals are with the characters, the boss did it not to my taste, c Eastern Standard is a great value, but it's not like we had an original pedal ...
I would not put a 10 because of the noise loud enough that it comes out, but surprisingly!!


I have since August 2004 for $ 50, it was a great investment, less than a boss, more characters, gain a background and a great surprise when we lower the output level of the scratch to have overdrive, the essential medium, a solid pedal, the background noise is true, but I would do the same choices as I can not afford to pay me a head lamp!