Radial Engineering Classic

Classic, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

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ferland 06/12/2005

Radial Engineering Classic : ferland's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Say good sound distortion ... ouch what the lamp power
conect out in a very simple pretty heavy seems fragile
only catch one's true but what the ..... ouch


Configuration gnrale the simplest in the world
The edition sounds low for there is that REALLY a bass sound that is transformed
fat to the pot and switch

The manual not need it is so simple but it is in good french


Very particular we love the crazy, or at least in my case is s love at first sight
The effect is very effective, and well .. ralistes say that 50 years have all day to try almost
bose of the OD-1 to the MH-2 gt-6 AX-1500 Ibanez pod ect ...
but the day I punch in my taste .. with the Tonebone
My old TELECASTEUR on my fender City 4-10 to her husband very quickly with the pedals
that gives me the sound finally looking for power at will sustain high quality distortion even and especially in the top of the neck or the strings so hard to be reacted with a charm without usual. PDAL perfectly adapted to the Fender amp


I use the past six months and the sustain and power is incredible
j is yet to spend the pedals only problem the price
What is yet to be cheap pedals 10 to finish one day or another with the Tonebone