MXR EVH90 Phase 90
MXR EVH90 Phase 90

EVH90 Phase 90, Phaser for Guitar from MXR in the Phase 90 series.

MAD6114 01/06/2013

MXR EVH90 Phase 90 : MAD6114's user review

«  An excellent phaser foremost »

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This is the famous analog phaser MXR Phase 90, but the colors of Van Halen. Being a fan of Eddie, I love the design of this pedal and I resigned myself to be a victim of marketing and pay a little more expensive! ... For others, the classic MXR Phase 90 pedal should be enough, the switch script / modern do not justify a priori the price difference.
The size of the nano pedal is handy on a pedalboard and it can be fed in a conventional manner 9V (negative polarity at the center as the most power).


Using ultra simple, one knob. Personally I use three knob positions: position 1/4 VH his classic position half its type Leslie, 3/4 position its type tremolo.
It is nevertheless regrettable that there is no effect level knob, but it is naturally well proportioned.


The sound of the MXR Phase 90 has proven, just look at the number of professionals who integrate Pedalboards this pedal, it is not by chance. The phaser is very musical, there is no frequency screaming like phasers cheaps.
Personally I position the switch in the "modern" even if the impact is actually not revolutionary, on my gear I think it adds a bit of definition to the phasing effect.
Regarding the sound of Van Halen, nothing wrong, the test is simple: I plug my EVH Wolfgang tube in a Marshall, I set the phaser to about 1/4, I play the intro and Atomic Punk I seem to hear the album!


An excellent phaser, his legend and not just that of Van Halen, but you pay a bit expensive design EVH ...
I use it for 7 years after having had a cheap Ibanez phaser, and I see no reason to change.