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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Rocktron Piranha

    Rocktron Piranha - pierrelaforge's review


    I put 7 / 10 because of three things: - An effects loop carrment unusable in distortion, it dnature compltement the sound by adding the gain is weird ... trs We work around this problem by plaant modulation effects on APRS Piranha (delay, chorus, f…

  • Lâg TL1 Spitfire

    Lâg TL1 Spitfire - J-mix's review


    Two-channel tube preamp rack. An entry, a footswitch jack to control channels, one output line out, a headphone output and finally the recording ... Clean channel: volume, tone Lead channel: gain, bass, treble, volume. A master volume. UTILIZ…

  • Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

    Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station - ibanez_grx070's review


    Analog distortion pedals, battery power or 9volt sector. Button cheap UTILIZATION The PDAL is very simple to use, it RULES equalizer and is selected with the buttons slide the noise difference SOUNDS The pedals sound rotten, it's already a …

  • Rocktron Prophesy II

    Rocktron Prophesy II - thierryfrench45's review


    Already listed below or see the manufacturer's website all the features. Indeed the lack of USB force us to use a cable converter Midi / USB And so it is a bit annoying on a product known as professional when you want to use the editor to back u…

  • Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O.

    Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O. - hammam27's review


    Tube saturation pedal (2 ECC83) number 633 handmade, heavy and very solid Three-button tone output gain Japan (110v) converter works with a 220 -> 110V, which also serves as a ground lift (bye bye and hum hum ...) UTILIZATION Very easy to u…

  • Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKII

    Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKII - ali_musicien's review


    - What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? Transistor and lamp (12AX7 RUBY TUBE) - What connection? instrument input jack, output amp in jack, output mix (with amp simulator) - What are the rglages the effects? ... CHANNEL 1: C…

  • ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

    ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock - DA_Taliesin's review


    See previous ... UTILIZATION Setup could not be more simple. The manual may be necessary to connect them alternatives. SOUNDS Then move on to the interesting game. I am rather orient metal in all its forms, but I also use beaaucoup the clean …

  • Rocktron Taboo Artist

    Rocktron Taboo Artist - Anonyme's review


    A combo amp + multi-effect transistor while, but that sounds way amazing! Full metal chassis, super-solid, knobs identical, and the expression pedal is a removable Ernie Ball. It means everything! In short, we do not care for us at Rocktron ... Yo…

  • Randall Module Brown

    Randall Module Brown - Sharivan's review


    Prampli has lamps with lots of gain without being provided metalheads I would say it is built for the Hard 70-80 Next is a rack in a combo amp or head was going well equipped with 2 lamps It looks so fragile not play Frisbee with. Otherwis…

  • Rocktron Voodu Valve

    Rocktron Voodu Valve - jimiric90's review


    Numrique with a 12AX7 in Days of buffer before conversion .. For the rest, see the excellent advice donns dj! Only BMOL, changing the lamp on the MODEL "on line" which necissite the disassembly of the entire rear connection ... UTILIZATION Conf…