Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • DiMarzio DP222 D Activator-X Bridge

    DiMarzio DP222 D Activator-X Bridge - "Absolutely hated them!!"


    I REALLY disliked this pickup. This isn't to say these pickups are bad, just are NOT anything I was looking for and nothing I'd ever buy again. They looked cool, white pickups in a red guitar with black hardware, but looks isn't everything. They're …

  • Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker

    Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker - "Razor sharp, very modern pickup"


    I got this in a Dean Dime O Flame. Based off of Dime's L500XL, whether it was the B&B or the BLUSA isn't known and doesn't really matter, they're incredibly close. There's rumors it was based off a custom L500XXL made just for him but that's not a pr…

  • DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion

    DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion - "Great crunch and full tone!!"


    Dimarzio DP100 Super Distortion, ceramic magnet, small hex pole pieces. Along side the Duncan JB it's one of the most famous and widely used pickups of all time! I bought this originally for a neck pickup in a Dimebag guitar but needed a pickup for m…

  • EMG 81X

    EMG 81X - "Not worth the extra $10 over the regular 81"


    Now don't get me wrong, this is still a great pickup but I don't find it necessary to spend the extra $10 over the regular 81, not a big enough difference. I made a few recordings comparing the regular 81 next to the 81x, both in the same guitar, sa…

  • EMG 81

    EMG 81 - "Tight crunchy, but stale tone"


    I tried to avoid active pickups for the longest time, just didn't want to have to deal with batteries and all the negative views on them. Eventually I just bought one and was pleasantly surprised. They do have a different sound from passive pickups b…

  • Bill Lawrence USA L-500-XL BILL & Beckie

    Bill Lawrence USA L-500-XL BILL & Beckie - "One of my all time favorites"


    I first got one of these in my 2006 Dean CFH ML. I absolutely loved it. Made my pinch harmonics effortless and just made playing more fun. VERY articulate, some complain it's too bright but in the right guitar it just sings. I put them in all mah…

  • Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge - "Great... at what it does"


    Seymour Duncan SH8 Invader. 3 ceramic magnets with 12 large hex pole pieces. It by no means a bad pickup, it's just is it what you want? I bought it mainly because ole Papa Hetfield had used one in his Electra V for Kill Em All and I wanted to have…

  • EMG 707

    EMG 707 - nickname009's review


    I can't really recall WHEN I got this pickup but it was definitely quite a few years back when I was in the 7 string phase like most people were in the late 90s early millennium. I had a bought a used Ibanez S7420. Loved the damn thing, the neck was …

  • PRS Dragon I

    PRS Dragon I - "Way different to the Dragon II"


    Just like a real Dragon I think the PRS Dragon I pickups are pretty mythical beasts. It is pretty hard to find a guitar with them now that PRS has not used them for a while. These pickups are something special. They have four conductor wiring so you …

  • DiMarzio DP423 Injector Bridge

    DiMarzio DP423 Injector Bridge - nickname009's review


    I can't believe nobody's reviewed this one yet! I think these new single coil pickups have to be some of the best out there today with it's noiseless technology. Not only is it super quiet, but it still actually sounds like a single coil. The older m…