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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • GFS Crunchy Paf

    GFS Crunchy Paf - "Nice budget hot rodded PAF"


    GFS is a small online guitar parts store. They sell straps and bridges and stuff and also pickups. Their pickups are their most notable items. They have gained a bit of popularity among the budget guitar scene. Their most popular pickup is the GFS Cr…

  • EMG S

    EMG S - nickname009's review


    I'm not sure why I didn't review this pickup earlier, I've had it in a lot of used guitars I've previously owned without consciously knowing it was the S pickup that was actually in the guitar! I can remember this pickup specifically in the neck posi…

  • EMG S

    EMG S - "great great great"


    A little background. I have used one of these in the middle position of an Ibanez rg550 along with 2 EMG 81's for about 6 years now. That alone should attest to the staying quality of this pickup. I must say up front. I have never had any issues …

  • PRS P-90

    PRS P-90 - "The PRS Soapbar"


    Everyone knows about PRS and most everyone knows about their line of budget import guitar snamed the PRS SE line. One of my favorite guitars from that line of budget guitars are the Soapbar models. That is their name for the models in that line that …

  • Rockfield Pickups Mafia

    Rockfield Pickups Mafia - "Decent cheap pickups"


    Rockfield pickups are popping up in more and more budget guitars. I have been finding them most often in midrange B.C. Rich guitars. This exmaple was in a B.C. Rich Exotic classic Bich. I went and looked up the Rockfield site to see what these pickup…

  • EMG JH HET Set

    EMG JH HET Set - "The new Metallica sound"


    James Hetfield of Metallica has been playing EMG pickups for decades now. All his classic tones were done with the 81 and 60 EMG setup. Now he has a new set of pickups which are based on those old designs but are completely new. Hetfield said he went…

  • Suhr Doug Aldrich Set

    Suhr Doug Aldrich Set - "I like em"


    The story goes something like this. The best shredder in my arsenal, an RG550 from 1993, used to be outfitted with a set of EMG's. I played it for years. I played the devil out of it. Finally one day one of my pickups went out. I knew it would h…

  • Gibson Burstbucker 3

    Gibson Burstbucker 3 - "Hottest of the Burstbuckers"


    The Burstbucker is one of Gibsons more recent pickups. Like just about all of their pickups it is a PAF copy. I guess it is more of a PAF copy than the other pickups they have made in the past 30 years. It was first sold in Japan to old Gibson collec…

  • Seymour Duncan SH-8B 7-String Invader Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SH-8B 7-String Invader Bridge - "Will fatten up any 7 string, maybe even too much"


    The Seymour Duncan Invader is one of the older extreme pickups. Before there were Bareknuckle pickups and all these extreme pickup companies there were not many really heavy passive pickups to choose from. This and the X2N were your only accessable …

  • Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom

    Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom - "A good heavier alternative to the JB"


    Seymour Duncan is one of the big 2 pickup makers in the guitar industry. It pretty much is them and Dimarzio ruling and making most of the pickups most people use. They kind of fill in different segments of the guitar industry with Dimarzio having a …