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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • Seymour Duncan SH-1N '59 Model Neck

    Seymour Duncan SH-1N '59 Model Neck - "My favorite neck pickup"


    Hands down this is my favorite neck pickup. I would go so far as to challenge people to find something it can't do. Its sound great for any thing I have tried using it for. Super versatile with an awesome warm tone. I love it. The clean tones are …

  • Seymour Duncan TB-5 Duncan Custom

    Seymour Duncan TB-5 Duncan Custom - "One of my Favorites."


    I had been looking for a new pickup for my Edwards LP, since I'm not a fan of the Duncan JB that it came with. I tried a couple different pickups but as soon as I put the Duncan Custom in it I knew it was the right one. I just nailed everything I was…

  • EMG 60

    EMG 60 - "Great pickup"


    The EMG60 is an active humbucker, usually put in the neck position. The thing I like most about it is that it is a warm pickup that still retained the EMG clarity. That said, it is a really compressed pickup, I prefer a more open sounding neck pickup…

  • EMG HA

    EMG HA - "Amazing pickup"


    The EMG HA is a single coil in a humbucker housing. It will fit in any standard humbucker mounting and looks like a typical EMG humbucker. It’s the perfect single coil sound in my opinion. The cleans are pristine and jangly, and the dirty tones are g…

  • EMG 81

    EMG 81 - "Great pickup but not my thing"


    The thing I like most about EMG pickups in general is the absurd amount of clarity. The note separation is awesome and there is absolutely no mud. Its also dead quite due to the active preamp. What I like least about the EMG81 is the low end resp…

  • Seymour Duncan APH-1N Alnico II Pro Neck

    Seymour Duncan APH-1N Alnico II Pro Neck - "Fantastic neck pickup!"


    Firstly, some specs I was able to dig up: Impedence - Neck: 7.6 k Bridge: 7.85 k Resonant peak - Neck: 7.1 KHz Bridge: 6.7 KHz Magnet type - Alnico II Bar EQ - Bass, Mid, Treble 7 / 4 / 8 Great for studio and live use, the Seymour D…

  • Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB Model

    Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB Model - "The standard that others are judged by."


    The Seymour Duncan JB Pickup (AKA TB4) is a very nice humbucking pickup. Built in the USA, they were originally designed for guitar god Jeff Beck. The sound is similar to an old Gibson PAF pickup, only with a bit more bite and aggression. The pick at…

  • Joe Barden Danny Gatton T-Style

    Joe Barden Danny Gatton T-Style - "First pickup I've owned that made me a better player."


    Danny Gatton is one of the greatest guitar players to ever walk this planet. This pickup was designed for him, with massive input for him, and it delivers with fantastic tone, just as one would expect. The pickup is designed for Telecaster guitars, a…

  • Seymour Duncan LW-MUST Dave Mustaine Model

    Seymour Duncan LW-MUST Dave Mustaine Model - "Like an active set of the JB/Jazz combination"


    Dave Mustaine has been using Duncans for a while. Mustaine is the founder of the popular thrash band Megadeth. He was using the JB/Jazz setup right before switching to these. These pickups came out long before the Blackouts and for a while they were …

  • EMG 60

    EMG 60 - "Actively lead"


    The EMG 60 is a pickup that is a variation on the typical EMG humbuckers. It is commonly paired in the neck position of a dual humbucker loaded guitar with an 81 or an 85 at the bridge position. I have one as stock in my ESP Eclipse II and I can cert…