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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • Tom Anderson H1

    Tom Anderson H1 - "Best humbucker cleans of all time."


    I've been a fan of Tom Anderson pickups (not so much the guitars) for a long time now. They have a wide range out outputs and voicings for such a small company and the sheer variety is truly impressive. My favorite combo would have the be the H3+ a…

  • EMG SA Set

    EMG SA Set - "Cool take on Strat tones"


    The EMG SA Strat set is basically EMG's standard set of pickups to replace the typical passive S-S-S pickups found in a Stratocaster type guitar. I purchased a Japanese made Phoenix/Tokai Strat that had originally been loaded with a set of DiMarzio p…

  • DiMarzio DP189 The Tone Zone S

    DiMarzio DP189 The Tone Zone S - "Not the exact Tone Zone sound"


    Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker and they are known for that. The Tone Zone is one of their most unique designs. Dimarzio is known for their modern sounds and the Tone Zone has one of the most modern sounds of their line up.  The Tone Zone came out …

  • DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S

    DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S - "70s rock tone for a strat"


    Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker and they are known for that. But they have some old models still around from when they first started. Their most famous old model is the Super Distortion. This pickup was made back in the day when there were not real…

  • DiMarzio DP719 D Activator 7 Neck

    DiMarzio DP719 D Activator 7 Neck - "Active sounding passive neck pickup"


    Dimarzio is one of the most popular after market pickup makers around. They are known for their modern sounding pickups built for modern guitar players. Players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci have been using their pickups for years an…

  • DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton

    DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton - "Not for me"


    I liked this pickup for a while, I should say. In my prog metal days I had it in an alder super strat along with a tone zone pickup in the bridge. I can tell you what this pickup is good at. If you've heard John Petrucci's lead tone, this is that …

  • DiMarzio DP192 Air Zone

    DiMarzio DP192 Air Zone - "Yes...you too can turn your wimpy guitar into a les paul!"


    Okay, I say that aforementioned tagline with a disclaimer. The Air Zone is basically a really bassy overwound PAF with a kick in the midrange. What this means in tech terms is that it can make a thin sounding guitar sound like a big Les Paul. A lo…

  • Sperzel Guitar Trimlok

    Sperzel Guitar Trimlok - "Best tuners on the market today"


    The Sperzel Trim-Lok tuner is my favourite tuner that is currently on the market. I have compared it to Kluson, TonePros, Grover (regular and locking) and Schaller locking just to name a few. They are the tuner I always request on a guitar if I'm hav…

  • DiMarzio DP217 HS-4

    DiMarzio DP217 HS-4 - "Super vintage strat tones in a noiseless package"


    Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker that many modern guitar players use. I always found it odd that Yngwie Malmsteen used Dimarzio pickups for such a long time. He has now switched to Seymour Duncan which makes more sense but the Yngwie tone most peopl…

  • DiMarzio DP205 Steve Morse Model Neck

    DiMarzio DP205 Steve Morse Model Neck - "Lesser known Dimarzio neck pickup"


    Steve Morse is the guitar players guitar player. He is well known for his own band the Dixie Dregs and become even more popular when he played for Deep Purple. You have to be a real guitar player if you can take Richie Blackmores place in Deep Purple…