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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • EMG JH HET Set

    EMG JH HET Set - "More passive EMG sound with a new type of case"


    This is James Hetfields current pickup setup. For decades now Hetfield has stuck with EMG pickups and a particular set. He calls his new signature set the Het Set. Along with the Zakk Wylde 81/85 EMG pickup set there is another setup with the 81/60 …

  • EMG 58

    EMG 58 - "Vintage EMG"


    EMG is well known in the worl of active pickups but they were not always that way. They had some models that were not very successful but now they are reissuing them for the nostalgic active pickup lovers. This is an active pickup like most other EMG…

  • Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Stratocaster Pickups

    Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Stratocaster Pickups - "If You Like Hot Dogs, These Are Great Pups"


    Stevie Ray Vaughn-inspired, and good for mere mortals, these are very good pickups. Just a bit hotter than American Standard Pickups, if you play blues or rock, these could be the single-coils for you. I own an American Standard Strat- the prev…

  • Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck - "EXCELLENT Humbucker Pickups"


    I lucked into a pair of Gibson Alnico V Burstbucker Pro pickups. (whew! What a name!) when a younger guitarist had hotter, more "metal" pups installed in his Gibson Les Paul. These replaced the adequate but maybe uninspiring stock pickups in my Ep…

  • EMG 60-7

    EMG 60-7 - "Odd choice for a 7 string pickup"


    The EMG 60 is a pretty outdated pickup nowadays but it is interesting that they have decided to make a 7 string version of it. Making a 7 string version of a pickup means you think super modern guitar players will use the pickup in their guitars. The…

  • DiMarzio DP101 Dual Sound

    DiMarzio DP101 Dual Sound - "More versatile Super Distortion"


    The Super Distortion is a classic icon in the world of pickups. Dimarzio has been making aftermarket pickups since the 70s and the Super Distortion is what put them on the map. Back in the day when PA's werent used as much amps had to fill the whole …

  • Seymour Duncan SH-2N 7 String Jazz Model Neck

    Seymour Duncan SH-2N 7 String Jazz Model Neck - "Good passive 7 string neck pickup"


    Seymour Duncan is a popular pickup maker. They are more known for their old school or classic pickups. So when they started making 7 string versions of these pickups I was quite surprised. I thought that these pickups would not sound too great becaus…

  • DiMarzio DP755 The Tone Zone 7

    DiMarzio DP755 The Tone Zone 7 - "Not great for a 7 string"


    Dimarzio is a very modern pickup maker. They have been making pickups for many years and are used by many guitar players. The Tone Zone is one of their classic models that has been used throughout the years. It is based on a PAF but with a bit more m…

  • Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller

    Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller - "Grinding Mids"


    Bare Knuckles pickups is a boutique pickup maker from the United Kingdom. They have been becoming very popular very fast due to their super heavy metal pickups. They have been making the most brutal pickups for modern music recently. This company has…

  • Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge

    Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge - "Aldrich knows tone"


    Suhr guitars are some of the best custom strat style guitars you can buy. They are played by people in all types of genres of music. Anyone who plays a Suhr swears by the quality of the guitars they put out. They can build you just about anything you…