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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • Seymour Duncan SH-1B '59 Model Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SH-1B '59 Model Bridge - "A good all around humbucker"


    This has been my go-to pickup for when I don't really have a particular sound I'm going for, for probably a decade now. What makes it so great? Really? Nothing. It's really not that great. It does no one thing exceptionally well except it does e…

  • Rio Grande Pickups BBQ Bucker Humbucker

    Rio Grande Pickups BBQ Bucker Humbucker - "An interesting pickup"


    I initially received this bridge pickup from a friend of mine. Supposedly, it is Rio Grande's take on a PAF 50's style humbucker. I had put it in my Gibson Les Paul Classic, which I then removed it in favor of a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover. This pic…

  • DiMarzio DP422 Injector Neck

    DiMarzio DP422 Injector Neck - "Kind of modern kind of vintage single coil"


    Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker supplying all the best guitar player with the pickups they need for a modern sound. Paul Gilbert has been using Dimarzio pickups for years and years. Recently Paul has been using more unique guitars and he started us…

  • DiMarzio DP221 D Activator-X Neck

    DiMarzio DP221 D Activator-X Neck - "A good sounding super hot neck pickup"


    With the old original X2N I could never imagine using it in the neck position so I was quite surprised when I first saw this pickup. I had to give it a go. Dimarzio seems to want to try and make a more versatile X2N. To me this is strange because the…

  • EMG 707TW

    EMG 707TW - "Coil splitting 7 string active pickup"


    When playing extended range guitars you pretty much need active pickups to get the clarity required. EMG's were the first and are the best in this department. An active pickup means that there is a built in preamp that run on a battery in the pickup.…

  • DiMarzio DP759 PAF 7

    DiMarzio DP759 PAF 7 - "low output 7 string pickup"


    The Dimarzio PAF 7 is another pickup where I wonder why they even bothered making it in a 7 string format. Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker known for their cutting edge pickups made for contemporary music. This means they make a lot of 7 string pick…

  • EMG 81TW

    EMG 81TW - "81 with some single coil tone to go with it."


    The EMG 81tw is one of the later evolutions of the classic 81 design. Nowadays people are demanding more versatility out of their guitars. Not many people want a one trick pony anymore and the 81 was a one truck pony until now. The 81tw takes the con…

  • Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge - "Perfect ten."


    This humbucking pickup has the standard stats - two coils, gold-plated metal cover, gold-plated screws, the whole 9 yards. I'm a fan of vintage guitar tones - old Gibson guitars just knock my socks off in terms of their cool factor, but also for t…

  • DiMarzio DP820 D Activator 8 Bridge

    DiMarzio DP820 D Activator 8 Bridge - "Good passive 8 string pickup"


    With 7 and 8 string guitars it is hard to get good clarity with Passive pickups. This is one of the best passive pickups out there for 8 strings. With such low and extreme frequencies you really need the active preamp in the pickups to get the clarit…

  • DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7

    DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7 - "Great 7 string neck pickup"


    This is the 7 string version of the Air Norton pickup. The Air Norton has been gaining popularity recently mostly because of John Petrucci. John Petrucci Is the ugitar player for the progressive band Dream Theater and he is pretty much a hero for pro…