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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews


    PRS HFS - "HFS = How freakin' sweet"


    The PRS HFS bridge humbucker is found in many of their guitars as a stock pickup, and with great reason. It's a really great sounding pickup that works really well for coil splitting and also has a really nice old school quality that has a really "br…

  • DiMarzio DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons

    DiMarzio DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons - "Modern PAF with tons of low end"


    Andy Timmons is a slightly lesser known guitar player but he is really good. He is one of the more traditional sounding Ibanez players. He first became famous in his 80s glam band Danger Danger. His signature guitars kind of mix traditional tones wit…

  • Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Custom Staggered

    Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Custom Staggered - "Hot and vintage"


    Seymour Duncan makes some of the best old school pickups out on the market. While Dimarzio might pride themselves on their modern sounding pickups and EMG has their active metal lineup. This is one of Seymour Duncans great traditional sounding single…

  • DiMarzio DP110 FS-1

    DiMarzio DP110 FS-1 - "Hot Rodded strat tone from the 80s"


    Dimarzio is known for their modern sounding pickups. Most of the great modern guitar players use them nowadays. Steve Vai and Satriani and Petrucci all swear by them. They are always advancing their designs and coming out with updated versions of the…

  • EMG 707

    EMG 707 - "Thick EMG sound for your 7 string."


    With the popularity of 7 string and larger guitars nowadays you need pickups that can accomidate these guitars and get a good tone for the users. Because of the extended frequency ranges of these guitars you need pickups with lots of clarity and dece…

  • DiMarzio DP222 D Activator-X Bridge

    DiMarzio DP222 D Activator-X Bridge - "Refined X2N for the bridge position."


    Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker making pickups for modern music. The D Activator-X is a super modern pickup but it is based on a nearly 30 year old design. The pickup is a more refined version of the old X2N. This pickup has two huge ceramic rail m…

  • DiMarzio DP207 DropSonic

    DiMarzio DP207 DropSonic - "Noisy and unrefined"


    The Dropsonic was Dimarzios first try at a pickup like this. They now have several half rail half pole piece pickups but I believe this was the first one and it had some growing pains. Its assymetrical design means that depending on how it is oriente…

  • DiMarzio DP225 BC1 Billy Corgan Neck Model

    DiMarzio DP225 BC1 Billy Corgan Neck Model - "Smooth and open single coil sized humbucker"


    Dimarzio is known for its modern aftermarket pickups. While Seymour Duncan is known for its vintage style humbuckers and vintage style single coils Dimarzio is more for the player of modern music. This goes for its single coils as well. Most of Dimar…

  • DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary

    DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary - "The closest you are going to get in this price range"


    It's no secret that the most chased after pickup design is a perfect 59 PAF replica. It's considered the holy grail of humbuckers. Dozens of high end boutique winders have their clones of them. Everyone swears they have the most accurate one, whet…

  • Tom Anderson H3+

    Tom Anderson H3+ - "The most organic high output pickup out there"


    Tom Anderson is not know for hot pickups, but he still makes them. The H3+ is the hottest of the bunch. And believe me it's hot. Not distorted. Hot. A lot of high gain pickups really on making their own gain or high output. The H3+ is just hot.…