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Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • EMG 81

    EMG 81 - "Try 18 volt for extra awesome"


    I tried my first 81 model probably a decade ago in an ESP guitar. At the time it blew my mind. It was super aggressive and super hot. It always cut through and seems to slice through every amp I used with it. It had killer bass response too. Sur…

  • DiMarzio DP152 Super 3

    DiMarzio DP152 Super 3 - "For those who scoop mids"


    Dimarzio was thinking very specifically when they designed this pickup. It seems like from the description that it fits a certain niche of players, and in practice I can assess that this is quite true. Basically they designed this for metal and har…

  • Seymour Duncan AHB-1 7-str. Blackouts 7-string Phase I

    Seymour Duncan AHB-1 7-str. Blackouts 7-string Phase I - "7 string active warmth and fullness"


    Seymour Duncan Blackouts are taking over the metal pickup market. For the longest time there was 1 name in the active pickup market and that was EMG. Now Duncan is in the market and they are giving everyone a new look and something to compare the EMG…

  • Seymour Duncan Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System

    Seymour Duncan Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System - "Best of both passive and active qualities"


    Gus G is the current guitar player for Ozzy but he was more known for his work in the Progressive band Firewind. With his growing stature in the music industry it was about time for him to put his name on a set of pickups. Since he is playing with Oz…

  • DiMarzio DP192 Air Zone

    DiMarzio DP192 Air Zone - "The Thickener "


    The Air Zone is just like its name says. It is a mix between the Air Norton and the Tonezone. It combines the Air Nortons sensitivity with the Tone Zones fatness. The Tonezone was one of Dimarzios most popular pickups for the longest time. It has lik…

  • DiMarzio DP177 True Velvet T Neck

    DiMarzio DP177 True Velvet T Neck - "True Velvet smoothness in your Telecaster"


    The True Velvet Telecaster neck pickup is to my knowledge only Dimarzios 2nd Telecaster neck single coil pickup. They first came out with the twang king a few years ago and now they have taken their popular True Velvet single coil and packaged it in …

  • EMG 81

    EMG 81 - "Classier look from a brutal active pickup"


    The EMG 81 is a classic design in the guitar world. It has stayed consistant throughout its history. For a lot of people the active tone is what they wanted but they didnt like the sterile mechanical look of the black plastic covers they all came in.…

  • DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary

    DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary - "Vintage style Dimarzio"


    imarzio isnt really known for its vintage style pickups. Dimarzio has been making pickups forever and they are mostly known for their high gain and modern sounding pickups. They are used by people like Steve Vai and John Petrucci along with Joe Satri…

  • Ibanez Lo Pro Edge

    Ibanez Lo Pro Edge - "nice"


    This is a great tremolo arm. It's a good sized for my Les Paul, unlike some of the other Bigsby models. I've seen them used on Gibson guitars mostly, especially hollow bodies and customized Les Pauls. I think that this tremolo system is pretty fantas…

  • SP Custom Handwound Pickups ChaosLand Lite

    SP Custom Handwound Pickups ChaosLand Lite - "good quality"


    I have been using the SP Custom Handwound Chaos Land Lite electric guitar pickup for about 3 years now. It definitely comes in handy for those who like to play live and would rather not shell out the cash for an acoustic-electric guitar. I use it wit…