Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

Cathedral, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

dussson 01/26/2012

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral : dussson's user review

«  GREAT!! »

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I do not return on the specifications ...
It should be noted that it is just digital.


The configuration and editing is very easy, when you know a little the principle of reverb.
The manual is helpful just to find the function not marked on the beast: the infinite mode by holding the Tap button.


Very very good reverbs!

I have no comparisons with the models emulated analog (springs), but overall all sound great modes: natural, deep (special mention still in fashion hall). The Cathedral really brings an extra dimension to the sound went in (normal for you tell me a reverb ... but there's just stunning!).
Just the mode echo (ping pong delay) is very convenient and sounds well too I think.
Accuracy, if you overload the input of the pedal with a signal too strong, no worries: the distortion is very pretty!


I use it for a year and a half, many, mostly with machines, and I can not do without it. First I bought reverb, and stroke of luck (more or less given the price ...), it's one of my favorite instruments!
We love it necessarily be cheaper, but given the character and quality of effects, it really surpasses number of racks first prizes ...