Morley Pro Series Wah Volume
Morley Pro Series Wah Volume

Pro Series Wah Volume, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley in the Pro Series series.

heLeN 07/05/2005

Morley Pro Series Wah Volume : heLeN's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Hey you said it all. It's a Wah Volume +, it is effectively indestructible, having said it (mine anyway) has a tendency fcheuse grind. Work for low volume may be clenching.


Trs simple. The manual is included derrire the pedals.

J'apprcie particulirement while the knob ct the pedals and not below as Cry or Vox (I've always had blocked), and the possibility of r Gler amplitude.

The action of the pedals is one more that I had the opportunity to try.

As against the power supply is almost ncssaire or lose normment in potato (including clean sounds), not very practical in concert (but can be as mine DCON) .

Do not be mistaken in the industry: it must go through the loop or no potato Wah mode and mute the volume in position zero (heel) mode volume. (I say a particular Philou13bis)


Ct Wah is clean, with great amplitude, which allows for things a little spciaux for example by slowly pushing the bottom of a trill serious.
Small default: there is a diffrence in volume between the zero-position (heel) and position a little depressed. The Difference can be leveled by adjusting the level of the loop.

Volume ct, I use it in concert as a boost for solos, and I do not think the sound is dnatur the contrary, given the dynamics. Rglage the level of boost is by intermdiaire also by the level of the loop.


I use it for two years. I like the large amplitude that allows it to use out of a "trivial".
The volume is a function bndiction for concerts, soon to torment his strings to avoid being covered by the other scratch.
Obviously you have to like the sound Morley, but for me that needed a volume pedals, has resulted in a good qualitprix, and quickly to bother with two pedals.