Morley Pro Series Wah Volume
Morley Pro Series Wah Volume

Pro Series Wah Volume, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley in the Pro Series series.

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albarion 05/10/2005

Morley Pro Series Wah Volume : albarion's user review


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What about ... dj say everything is down, wha is a switch that volume, an input and output jacks, very tough for the dtruire must go (mine even survived a tidal the pool of beer)


It's simple, you cables, and lean on the switch to select either the wha, or volume, the amplitude is large enough what is right (not like the cry baby), which can be more precise .


So l. ..... ben the volume is not one wonders what top serves (it seems to be gadget).
When wha efficase, clean, precise, not screaming if the amp is rgl, a morley wha in all its glory.
But the real problem of the pedals is that they used in volume dnature sound, there is no true bypass, and when some pedals without true bypass happens to have a very respectable sound even the character, that it messes up your CARREMENT beep (assuming you are good cables and it is known what is the sound of the guitar plugs directly into the amp) attack and loss of Grain microphones, but damage seen the price for a beginners is broadly acceptable but the cry baby still gives more personality.


was 2 years that I'm 6 months and I use it more since I have good cables and I changed the pickups of my guitar. A really bought that if it gets off the but I always say everything is a matter of taste level.
If you have gold coins, take the high-end wha like bad horsie, 535Q, RMC, ETC .......
Otherwise I recommend the RMC inlet end or simple crybaby or the vox.