Morley Pro Series Wah Volume
Morley Pro Series Wah Volume

Pro Series Wah Volume, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley in the Pro Series series.

Philou13bis 05/18/2004

Morley Pro Series Wah Volume : Philou13bis's user review


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As the name implies 2 whawha function / volume
Not complicated to use ... A Input jack / jack Outpout ...
A switch to trigger the ITP .... whawha red LED lights on the same switch ... when you cut the Wha Wha it becomes a volume pedal ... a knob to adjust the amplitude BEYOND Wha
It's real tough iron is very heavy very stable ... The foot is covered with non-slip Koutchouc ... No pb side ergonomics ... We just more or less tighten the joint between the pedal .... avé a small Teflon ring to have a history + pedal - hard ...


The config is very simple .... The knob adjusts the amplitude of the Wha .... It's easy


The wha wha Morley is therefore with a very specific sound characteristics ... No cons with added noise when the pedal is in bypass (in position so volume)
The volume pedal is not one of my dreams malfgré technical features that seem interresting (optical system instead of a knob on wheel) No adjustment of amplitude noise :-( So we go flying off the position to position donf ..... Theoretically the system reacts differently depending on the volume of the rate of depression of the pedal if you gently lowers the volume bcp rise more slowly than if you pushed the pedal suddenly .. Here I say blah !!


I use it for 1 year instead of other volume pedals (Proell) ...
The advantage is that it is very tough ... I use less and less the volume pedal as hard to control ...
Wha just works very well and quietly
I paid 60 euros OCCAZ comes home