Morley Pro Series Wah Volume
Morley Pro Series Wah Volume

Pro Series Wah Volume, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley in the Pro Series series.

AceLeppard 03/05/2012

Morley Pro Series Wah Volume : AceLeppard's user review


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Wah / volume completely mono, an inlet, an outlet, a switch to activate the wah (wah volume effect if not triggered).
A knob to adjust the ranks of the wah.

No rack at Morley, the wah works thanks to a photocell.

By standard 9 volt power supply.


Configuration is very easy, it is not crushed under the settings. You just have to mourn a volume pedal loop, because a wah-loop or after the distos, it is usually very ugly (although some look this precise), and as you'll understand here is to deal with the all-in-one!


The effect does not really suit me, modern, very right. I guess that's also why we buy from Morley! I had no experience with effects, a Dunlop crybaby suits me better.
I did not like it too ... since I offered a friend who uses it as a gadget on his bass effect and the record is pretty interesting.


I used several months, my first wah, bought the corner store used 50 euros. The sound, the look does not really suit me, and she really started messing around (metal reinforcement under the pedal that is barred for ever, wah that falls without that we can keep in a fixed position ...) This gave me a bad image of morley.
I would do not elect a vox and dunlop me a much better conevenu thereafter.

A notice so marred by malfunctions. Otherwise, your only taste be the judge!