Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1

Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 , Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Stone Deaf FX.

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Ronmo 06/29/2012

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 : Ronmo's user review

«  Queens of the stone age! »

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anlogique pedal, that mixture parametric equalizer and distortion / boost


Configuration is very simple, clean mode and a mode dirt (drive)
A knob to select the frequency of 65 Hz to 3 kHz, another to choose between boost and cut up to 20 db and a 5 position selector to choose the bandwidth


The sound is really excellent whatsoever mode or clean dirt, it can be used to correct defects or radically change the sound, very effective with all styles of guitars or amps.
It is equally effective boost to showcase a solo or a riff that is engaged all the time to transform or improve the basic sound


It's really a great pedal that can multiply the palette of sounds available with his gear, it can be used to cut frequencies to sound in a mix, add frequencies to transform the basic sound or experimenting with new textures by adjusting the frequencies and mode dirt.