Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1

Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 , Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Stone Deaf FX.

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Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Excellent on all! »

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As mentioned in the previous opinion, it is a clone of Maestro Parametric Filter.
So it is a fact that can walk on a frequency range of 65Hz to 3kHz, applying-20dB to +20 dB, while choosing a Q more or less pronounced.
In addition, you can add a drive (type soft-clipping) which is really nice to add character to your scratch (or other)

I put 8 / 10 for my use because I have to add some options, but the pedal is fully exploited like that! It's very well built and it exudes quality "boutique".


2 knobs:
- Frequency: choice of the center frequency adjustment.
- Height: -20 / +20 dB

1 switch 2 positions for choosing Clean / Dirty (normal and drive).
A 5-position switch for choosing the Q (thick or thin).

1 footswitch for on / bypass.

We can not be simpler and more explicit, we're going straight to the point.


There is bluffing!
To be tested on scratching, bass, voice, taken battery, keyboard, etc. etc. it's just HUGE!
Have the opportunity to give some color to your instrument without losing its character and timbre, it is simply the best.
Once you make a choice with this, clearly, but it can allow you to really bring out the most important frequencies and suddenly place you better in the mix, either live or in studio.

A very serious tool that simplifies and good life.

For bassists who want to blow up the subs, Luke will release a version that will go down to 30Hz, it promises to décoiffer!

For my part, I ordered the second, when it was a between the legs, we want to open!


It's been a lil time as the guitarist with whom I played and I just use it only to discover that it was the tool I needed for low and duplicate!
Of course, all the bass players do not approach a hack and research in the effects, but for my apple it goes like that, I do not have this amp and I have even less need. It's simple, the last time I took a slap sound that was a slice level API ...
Frankly, try this, it's worth it!