Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1

Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 , Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Stone Deaf FX.

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Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 : Anonymous 's user review

« It's THE ultimate tool !! »

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The PDF-1 is :

- a full parametric filter
- a soft clipping drive with parametric EQ
- a preamp
- a GREAT tool !

2 knobs : Height and Freq.
One 5-way position selector : to choose your Q between Thin and Fat.
One flipswitch : Clean or Dirty channel.
One footswitch : Bypass/ON.
One 1/4inch jack input.
Two outputs : you can have one channel each or both channels on one output.


Very easy to use and understand.
No worries !

It's all analog, so you turn a knob and magic is here !

Use it on guitar, bass, drums, mix, keys, and even your dog if you want.
Your dog will sound THAT great with it. =)

If you want to make choices for your sounds, but good choices, try this box.


The sound is pristine.
Dynamics are respected and magnified.
Everything you plug into it will sound better than ever.
You can add 2dB or something for light improvements or you can simply boost as hell and give some mojo to your riffs.

I use it with bass, I use 2 of them.
One for clean and full lows, the other for dirty or clean mids.
It's shiny into my funk-stoner project !

Experiment with a lot of stuff, sure you'll find a great way to use.


The PDF-1 is one the greatest tools I've ever had !
Last time I was in love for a piece of gear was for an API 7600, so to me the PDF-1 is one of these tools you bring on a desert island, definitely !
(I'd bring two of them !)

I don't what to say except thanx to Luke for building this, it's a real improvement for my recordings and I'm done for searching my bass sound : I GOT IT !!