Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1
Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1

Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 , Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Stone Deaf FX.

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Toumasse 09/27/2011

Stone Deaf FX Parametric Distortion Filter PDF-1 : Toumasse's user review

«  Of the MPF-1 PDF-1? Mission accomplished! »

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I will not repeat what has been said about the effect but I remember his original name for Google lovers and long evenings reading about the effects: Maestro Parametric Filter. Lovers of "" analog, Luke remained faithful to the original model but was optimized.

Very simply, this is not a fact but one of three effects, namely a Booster (20 dB), distortion (very well calibrated), and ... an equalizer (Polyvalence!). If my ears do not deceive me, just listen to "Better Living Through Chemistry" and Queens of the Stone Age to get acquainted with the unit (or the whole Rated R Album, or Rush (Mr Lifeson)) .

The PDF is for me very "Plug and Play" and it's very enjoyable. Two questions arise when it is turned:

- Around How often will I play (Freq: 65Hz-3kHz)?
_ On what bandwidth do I apply (Bandwidth: "Thin" to "Fat" (5positions))?

Its simplicity hides the details very well thought out. The two-color LED that lets you know on what "channel" (meaning path) you are. Green Clean, Red: Dirty, auxiliary output, easily accessible with the battery drawer (Alim Boss type 9V) Footswitch inclined ... it sounds silly but it's convenient and it is not impossible that the life of the switch to be increased.


Hi, I'm easy *. Each order is clear. Bandwidth knob: left "Thin" right "Fat." Etc, etc. ...

* If you do not're doing, sell, buy a triangle. :-)


Here we go ...

... When I lit the first time, I thought, "Yeah, blah." But that's because I'm a moron. Why? Because I have an amp 18watts quality (it's not for me fart but it's easier to be objective about the quality of the product) and I played cushy low volume. I got tired, I opened the pedal, saying "it is not possible firecracker welding is poorly done." Nothing at all and by the way the work inside is remarkably clean. So I pushed my amp a little ... HELLO MADAM, I welcome you on my pedalboard!

It is simple for me to stay in what I say. Given the number of options, the sonic possibilities are many and therefore one of the many sounds will probably please you. Personally, it is the originality that made me turn to this pedal. It complements my Suhr and Fulltone effects mainly.

To test urgently with your stuff!


It is certain that Luke is working and what he does, he does it very well. The sound "vintage" without seeds pedals of yesteryear. Pay the fragility of a minimum 300EUR Maestro is a choice ... An odd choice. The PDF-1 is 149eur (Belgium). Mass is said, at least for me (I told you I was an atheist? Sure, that nobody cares).

My two maximum scores refer to my choices. I think this is perfect for me. Beyond that, it is clearly a great pedal, no one should deny it.