Hagstrom Viking
Hagstrom Viking
Negens 07/28/2007

Hagstrom Viking : Negens's user review


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As aa t said, made in China.
It made me a little scared at beginners, but be aware that Hagstrm are sudoises origin is that the manufacturing exports to China but does with the know-how and specifications Hagstrm loads, which is reassuring. The test store m 'adfinitivement rassurbr />
It has the classic CONTRL an ES 335.
2 volumes
2 Tone
Slecteur 3 positions
2 humbucker

The neck is thin enough and the key is large enough, which makes the game include arpge. The radius is not pronounced but amazingly, has absolutely no drang, quite the contrary.

The violin is good trs.
One can only regret the appearance of plastic mcaniques

The tailpiece is magnigique.

The varnish is a little late and leaves appear even when the junction body heat (it appears as a round al.

The gills of dcoupe own.

Resonator is the key, a composite used by matriau Hagstrm whose objective is to better allow the vibrations move through the sleeve.
It has a grain aspect of trs tightened as bne but duller. It does not catch the ropes and suddenly, the game finds it bends over boards.

It includes a central beam, but by sliding the hand by the gills, I can not Determines its consistency (Is it a quality wood or crate? Mystra)


The handle end and as the key grazed, the handle is trs enjoyable, the game arpge is easy and you can play with it anyway VLOC, trs good compromise.
Access in acute is not bad for this type of guitar.
The weight is not a problem. I do not find it burdensome

The balance is pretty plutt despite a low tendency of ct address of the head.

It sounds pretty empty and we feel the vibrations lgrement on his stomach through the body.


I play mainly on the cold-wave, but I let myself go sometimes blues, rock, post-rock, even some jazzy arrangements.

I tried it on several amps, Hughes & Kettner a tour reberb, a Vox AC30, and through a Line6 PODxt Live.

The clean sounds are a rgal, crystal in the bridge position, with a soft attack, trs balance in frquences, harmonics emerge particulirement well.

On the neck pickup, it has a trs his blues, round and warm, the nuances of the game stand out particulirement well.

In crunch, the heat is sublime, by adding a lgre reverb amp, it gives way arpges few notes and vibrato, and it ensures happiness half box really brings something more.

Lgre in overdrive, it has a rock sound almost IDAL but the microphones are on the edge of their limits, we feel that if we push further, something is missing. Fortunately, the violin brings more indniable to hide this little dtail.
The semi-hollow is that the feedback as soon as possible and these are particulirement enjoyment (some do not, but personally, I love color and have a solid-body does not possde) .

Distortion in strong, it was not a sound mtal characters and microphones show the weaknesses.
The sound is good but a lack of grain.
I do not play mtal but portends that this guitar would sound better with good microphones and rev it worth it to make this investment.


I use it for about four months, mainly on scne in my home studio from time to time for fun.

What I like most:
Violin making
The handle
The clean sounds, crunch and overdrive lgre

What I like least:
The lack of grain distortion in microphones.
The appearance of plastic mcaniques.
The varnish a little late on the junction body / neck

I tried a few half-boxes before trying a sheraton (I would have to buy before someone takes it before me), a source cort, ibanez few, and at the time of testing, is the Hagstrm me most sduit its sound with the sheraton.

The report qualitprix is ​​more than excellent, it's amazing!

With exprience, I would do certainly trs choice without hsiter