branche2gui 10/08/2010

Ibanez GB10 Prestige : branche2gui's user review

«  Notice 2007 under another account that I close »

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- Mine is a Japanese (a real one then), 1982 (an old since manufacturing began in late 1977)
- Body Maple / Spruce with binding
- Profile GB-Neck Maple / ebony binding with 20 frets, a slimtap reminiscent of the guild, billiards and speed despite the 12-54 dadario demirond that I rise.
- Diapason 628mm/24.75 "
- Radius 305mmR
- 2 mini humbucking pickups Ibanez Floating GB Special
- 2 volume / 2 tone / 3-position selector
- Ebony Easel
- Gold hardware

I put 9 for the table that is not massive, while the micro float would make it vibrate more, and for shade Defois sign benson where this guitar.


A beautiful violin, and a round of thunder, I is not found better (the irreducible sleeved lumberjack home gibson go your way). Access to acute seem easy although I rarely go beyond 15 (anyway I was told a 12 fret guitar is beyond it again lol). microcomputer serious it sounds alone, the sound on the treble is a little harder to find, I heard about Bruno Bongarçon mine reached him there! But not easy anyway (you probably are even more çaqu'il for the GB15).


I was playing before a small fender deluxe 112 for home, it seemed not too bad I was already in love but now blues deluxe is simply amazing, we can say one thing is that this guitar has the caratère, certainly it's not a big archtop guitar kind L5 but it fits very well with the bop style jazz, I was often said not to replace a current 175 , that good ar cons it is only the opinion of the recent anti gibson I do not party, but it is on that saw the price .... The top is in the funky smooth (rough on the guitar at benson). It accepts the effects (not too much distortion on the other hand, limits a little over drive) but what domage alter the single grain of this guitar, I did it for commands in groups.


Mine is based on the 1982 Series No. I82 ... she is in perfect condition is the new croirrait I have in my pocesssion since 1995 I am a fan home fan, all those who arrived later in my collection have ended under the bed or on deposit, I love that's all it is the best guitar in the world (slight exaggeration lol), I would do this 1000 times choice, and if one day I really make money I rebuke another (blonde this time) I dreamed I wanted I had to 8000F at the time all my savings (I 18), it did not have a strong side and really worth it, everyone around me wanted me, she makes me a spoiled child, I can no longer buy the other guitar! !