vgdb 03/17/2011

Ibanez GB10 Prestige : vgdb's user review

«  Great sound, real personality »

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Made in Japan
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I've never played a round more comfortable. I ADDITION mounted flat yarn is a pleasure to play despite a tie worthy of a folk.

The ergonomics of this guitar is a compendium of everything I love. Not electric guitarist, I appreciate the true credit union that gives volume to the beast, without being too bulky. Everything about this guitar exudes exceptional both in terms of comfort than that of the finish.

Access to the treble is not the best feature of this guitar, but it is largely one of Les Paul.


THE sound. Very nice guitar for many more styles of music you could imagine: from rockabilly to jazz to ballad ...
To summarize the sound of the beautiful: the grain and personality:

+ On the micro channel, coupled with my Polytone Minibrute I am Ronny Jordan when I play. His mellow jazz and magic, very easy to control with the Knob bass / treble, brilliance in attack, it's fantastic! What a pity I do not know how to play ...
+ In middle position (both pickups in parallel), delivers a beautiful sound very convincing to almost play the folk and popular song.
+ Finally, with a great delay in the loop of the amp, I'm competing with Brian Setzer and requests on all the microphones, as the song. What a pity it has no tremolo!

- Attention to feedback, this is not a solid body (but it's obvious a priori!)


It will take three years I have, I had several electric solid body but this is the first case that I play. I tried a few others (Gretsch, Epiphone, godin), but none seemed both born.
The trim level is higher than my old Gibson Les Paul Standard that was a reference to my liking in this field.
It is much more versatile than previously thought, a priori, with a microphone Acute really usable.
And what a sound!