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  • Epiphone Sheraton II

    Epiphone Sheraton II - "Epiphone Sheraton 2"


    I paid $689.95 at ZZounds (internet) with case...New At this time I own three electrics. A Gibson ES-135 LE, an Epiphone Les Paul standard quilt top and this Epiphone Sheraton 2. I also used to own a Gibson Lucille, a Rickenbacker and a Gretsch …

  • Ibanez GB200 Prestige

    Ibanez GB200 Prestige - "Ibanez GB200"


    i recieved this unit form musciansfriend for $205 awseome sound and i like the j-style pickups added to it i liked it it has a one piece maple neck and an agathis body. it's built good i would recomend this guitar to any one. This review was ori…

  • Gibson B.B. King Lucille Limited

    Gibson B.B. King Lucille Limited - "Gibson Lucille"


    I bought this instrument over the internet at Mars music for $2099 Pros: Nice case, beautiful guitar.. (This is the e-mail I sent to Gibson on the day I recieved Lucille) Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 6:36 PM To: Customer Relations Subjec…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone DOT"


    i got this guitar on an online auction at ebay. i snagged it up for about 320 bucks, which is a steal for this kind of guitar; the list is about $660. the Dot has a great tone for blues, and also fits in well for any kind of rhythm guitar playing. …

  • Washburn HB35

    Washburn HB35 - "Washburn HB-35"


    As a lifelong Gibson player who made the switch to a Telecaster a little more than 10 years ago, I had felt for some time the call of the flat, rosewood fretboard. This hit hard when my son picked up an Epiphone Emporer II and I began searching in ea…

  • Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II - "Epiphone Emperor II Joe Pass"


    I own PRS, Gibson, and Jackson solid-body guitars, and needed a jazz-box type of guitar to explore jazz and blues music genres. In trying out various affordable jazz boxes, I came upon a nautral-finished Emperor II Joe Pass model that was clearly su…

  • Epiphone Casino Reissue

    Epiphone Casino Reissue - "Epiphone Casino"


    wanted a hollow body w single coils for the blues and vintage rock sound. Music 123 for 550.00 w case. I like it all eccept the tuners but they will do.This guitar is flawless. It sounds good without plugging it in for practice. Ihave 6 other guitar…

  • Epiphone Casino Reissue

    Epiphone Casino Reissue - "Epiphone Casino"


    I bought this guitar at Long & McQuade in Vancouver Canada for $ 900 Canadian ($600 US) I like the lightness of the body and the fact that it has some volume when it isn't plugged in because it is a hollow body. It has a great crunchy tone wich real…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone Dot"


    Although I have played mostly solid body electrics,I have always lusted for the archtop and especially the Gibson ES355,this probably stems from my early rockabilly roots.Unfortunately I could never afford the original so I finally opted for the next…

  • Samick HF 650

    Samick HF 650 - "Samick HF 650"


    I do alot of traveling in my profession. I walked into a music store in a small Wyoming town in the window was a "copy" of my late friends deep hollow body jazz box. I was very interested in this guitar, at first just because it looked like my buddy'…